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API Amazon Integration

A Client who has a successful business of selling unique mineral stone gifts on Amazon, wanted to increase his sales channel by getting an online shop

Transfer of all his 550+ products, which is 3600+ fields of unique product information and 5+ photos for each product.

Client was concerned about safety of his information, that it might be used for different purposes or resold

There are already third-party modules on the market that provide such service, but all of them have significant drawbacks which were all detected by our Client:

They influence the website speed

They require monthly payment

They block content if your payment has expired and therefore block the web site.

Meeting challenge

Our team has suggested to create a separate individual module for this online shop, which would load the information from our Client’s Amazon account using API Amazon and fill the product forms without prolonged user intervention in website working process.

To create this module, we had to:

Learn how all 17 Amazon APIs work and choose the one that we need.

Have a complete understanding of Amazon API safety policy, so our module would not get blocked by marketplace

Back end



As a result of 100 hours of work our Client received an integrated module for automated data transfer from Amazon account.


Can be used directly by client, without any developer intervention


Does not influence website speed


Has paid off perfectly

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