• People forget about an appointment
  • People don’t come to a regular medical check
  • It is impossible to book an appointment during the nonworking time - 30% of the patients want to do it in non-office hours
  • Irregular working schedule and working load during the doctor’s day
  • 30% of administrator time is spent on patient record
  • Loss of referrals for tests and treatment plans

Customer is our biggest value. That’s why we decide to provide a solution as a one-time payment for the out-of-the-box solution, that absolutely covers the appointment process.


We will cover all your needs - our system is easy to scale, wе would take care of any business process to add even more value to your business.

Easy to use

HealthApp requires 10 minutes to configure chat, to attach docs and to click to start patients engagement.

Technical support

Our team provides the responsive and flexible support. We will take care to keep things clear.

Fast integration

HealthApp is an easy solution - you can integrate it with 3 clicks. That’s why you don’t need any special knowledge to implement it to the hospital website

Why we?
We save your resources

Optimize your patients' support and engagement - let them book appointments and prepare to them. You will free more time to operate treatment to more patients.

We increase efficiency

Take care of more number of visitors, improve the quality of services and be ready to take care of all patients, who have forgotten about regular doctors visits early


Fast real-time chatting to unite everyone in one system - easy to schedule, deliver responsibility or to assign patients.


Sounds too simple, but wait, there are 30% of people, who feel the lack of the possibility to schedule the appointment with a doctor. Let them do it.

Configurable questionnaire

Automate the process of scheduling appointments and preparation to visits with this easy and attractive questionnaire! Doctors will know the patients’ complaints and their general information before the visit.

Notification system

Let your patients stop to miss visits. Get notifications both to planned and regular visits.

Treatment plan

Update treatment plan based on the dynamic of the treatment process. Let your patients heal from home - save visit time.