1. The project was developed in a highly short terms for similar kind of platforms - 4 months.
2. The client received the solutions from different area of software development: UX/UI development, frontend and backend development. Finally, the platform was tested before a deploy.
3. Our developers have created a unique backend architecture without any templates what made the system flexible.

Benefits and advantages of cooperation

A little bit above we have mentioned bonus system for doctors. Bonuses are premium payments to wages. Thanks to a specially developed system that motivates doctors to work more efficiently and more diligently, the profit of each clinic has significantly increased.


The online document management system created by us has significantly reduced the cost of office paper, printers, electricity and a person who would have done all this. Thus, the savings for all three clinics is about $ 3,000 per month.


The next advantage is our unique X-ray designer. This is a great help in the field of prosthetics, since the materials are no longer wasted, the doctor immediately sees all the distances and sizes right up to a millimeter


We created a SaaS software that was used to automate a huge part of the work. Prior to the cooperation, two administrators worked in each of the three clinics of the client, who received a salary of 700 dollars a month. Our system assumes the presence of only 1 administrator for all clinics. This saves the customer $ 3,500 every month.

Medical Software SaaS

The tasks for Healthcare portal

About a year ago we were approached by representatives of the healthcare customer, which represents the services for automating of dental companies work. We were asked to fully automate the interaction of patients and doctors of three local dental clinics. We suggest you to follow the work process and evaluate the results.


The essence of the project was to create an easy-to-use online platform where you could book a visit to a local dentist or learn more about all doctors working nearby.
It was supposed to create several types of accounts with different degrees of access, their synchronization, and active notifications. In addition, it was necessary to issue an online data warehouse, including X-ray images.

Solving Healthcare system problems

First, let's talk about account records. It was planned to create three of them: for the patient, for the doctor, and for the administrator. The first two should be actively used in the process of agreeing the time of visiting and presenting relevant information. All this must be done quickly and without interruption. Let's consider their features a little more in detail.
What are the features of the patient's page? First, it is available always and everywhere. Secondly, any of the patients can communicate with representatives of dental clinics without coming there personally.

This increased the level of customer satisfaction. As for the dental records, they are designed to simplify many work tasks. First, now each of them can approve the order for a visit, so that their time is used more efficiently. In addition, thanks to a specially designed work area, the doctor can manage the printing and processing parameters. They have specially developed tools:

  • X-ray editing system in real time. It is used in the analysis of the processing of dentures. This unique function helps to improve the level of care in each clinic, and also makes the treatment process a bit faster.
  • Systems for printing documents, recipes, patient cards, etc. with the ability to make changes to the headers.
  • Internal chat is a new, quick way to communicate with dentists.
  • Bonus program for each treating dentist: a doctor can get bonuses for a certain number of patients invited to the system.

Both the first and second benefit from the following opportunities:

  • Reservation of visiting time in view of complex business architecture. The client can choose a department, as well as coordinate the time with the doctor thanks to the SMS notification system. Because this tool is synchronized with the calendar, the busy time is automatically blocked. Both parties are notified of any changes in the schedule.
  • Archiving of information about visits, including the online diagram of the client's implants. The archive also stores all X-ray images.


The third type of account was created to manage the online administrator. It does not have any restrictions, has access to all available information and can manage any other accounts.


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