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The project has been done for a company that deals with dental services automatization. The main aim of the project is to create the online environment for booking a visit to a dentist according to hospital unit. It is also possible to get the information about a doctor at the website. The custom areas for dentist and patient were created to speed up the process of booking and getting the information about it. Moreover, the online storage contains all the X-ray photography history.

Patient account became a user-friendly service with anytime and anywhere access. Patients got new ways of communication with dental hospital center that made an influence on the general customers’ satisfaction.

Dentist online environment is created to make the work flow easier. The possibility to approve bookings helps to manage dentists time better and more efficient. Printing and archiving options  make possible to manage all the treatment process with one working area.

One of the most important goals was to develop the X-ray editing system for real-time denture treatment analysis. This outstanding feature helps for providing better treatment strategy.



Front end

Back end



- Booking - this option was created with complex dental center structure. There is an option to arrange a visit to a dentist according to hospital unit. The arrangements are synchronized with the calendar, so the already booked time is out of order. Every arrangement is approved by dentists with his account and confirmed via SMS services. SMS notifications are also sent after any schedule changes.


Archives - this is online patient’s dental implant chart, where all X-ray photography is stored at.


X-ray constructor - it is the separate system with implemented options on creating the possible treatment strategy. The dedicated technology has been developed for this feature. X-ray and dental prosthesis can be scaled and overlaid according to the real sizes.


Print system - provides an opportunity to print the appointment card or prescription at the headed forms.


Bonus system - bonus system is created for dentists and the bonuses are given for the number of clients invited to the system.


Chat - it is the system of communication among the dentists
The third level is considered to be a web-administrator’s one. It provides an opportunity of managing all the accounts created at the web-site.

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