Blue Academy case

Blue Academy case

SpdLoad helped the client to implement their idea in reality and create an HR platform that is aimed at peeling apart job candidates or hire the applicants.


The website has two sides: company and candidate.

The admin adds tests and quizzes for candidates that are psychological tests to make a characteristic of the applicant. The admin creates vacancies and then sees a total result of all the candidates applied with the statistics.

Candidates complete the assessment created by the admin and after that, the result of the top competencies as well as the score regarding the psychological portrait is generated. The candidate can observe the chart with the personality info.

The benefits for the customer:

  • The client required an experienced team with this technological stack to create an MVP of the product
  • SpdLoad provided frontend developers since the backend part was developed by the client’s team. Taking into account that the server side and the design were carried out by the German team, the communication was easy and successful.
  • The lean approach was used for the development – it involves getting users feedbacks and thus flexibility and readiness for the changes that are the top priority for MVP.