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Multisite integration with CRM

Finance company based in USA with branch agents structure.

Client want to solve two problems – on the one hand take a new modern useful site for customer on the other hand optimize sales system.

We take interview with customer to analyse business model and current site. In result we make up one's mind to create multi site with integrated CRM system for 152 referral sales with his own sites integrated with remote data base. Client show his disquietude about commercial data base so we take challenge make integration without access to private materials.

In result we get a new rebranded major site with about 160 secondary sites for each Sales agent integrated with CRM. CRM give fully control and make sale process more visible for company and agents. It is give a plus to loyalty of the partners and eliminate confusion situation. As little benefit total price was low on 30% on the market and reduce costs and summary alimentation of sites highly eliminated.


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