SpdLoad build CRM system for pet care startup

SpdLoad build CRM system for pet care startup

Dogiz is a SaaS for pet care business. The startup came on a stage of MVP, we scaled a solution while the platform was working, avoiding any technical issues to let it start monetization

  • The client wanted to manage the development process personally. To do this, our team has provided our client with the developer who worked with him directly. This allowed to speed up the development process and reduce the final costs for the project, as the client paid only for the development.
  • During the development, the client urgently needed a tester and a business analyst for another project. Within 1 week we provided him with these specialists, with whom he also continued to work independently. Thanks to the developed by SpdLoad customer relationship management CRM software covering a large number of needs, investors found the business model successful and Dogiz raised the Seed round of investments.
  • Many teams refused to work on the project, as it has no documentation and some technical specialists are in Israel.

We’ve built interface for CRM in modern styling. Dashboard with all data

List of all orders with details and custom settings

Create tool for communication

Custom calendar for manage orders

Gathering data from all CRM and show in Analytic block