CRM for human resources management

CRM for human resources management

The client came with a working business, accounting was conducted manually. We thoroughly studied all the business processes and suggested ways of automating business.
The client received the full range of services in one place from business analysis to the full testing and implementation of the CRM.
Automation of business allowed to increase control over the employee.
The quality of customer service has increased because the hr CRM software has a relationship between the employee and the client. All changes to the project have notification functions for the client
And the main purpose of automation was to cut costs – the total cost reduction was 7%

After some time the client requested additional features to be developed. The team replied and due to the flexibly developed architecture made the required changes quickly.


In the course of cooperation we have eased the fate of our customer in the following areas:

  • The client received an ability to monitor his staff working all over the country;
  • The client received the dominating advantage – the solution set our him off his competitors because they do not have such unique system;
  • The client’s customers can monitor the execution of services that they bought all around the country;
  • More flexible interactions with staff, customer what increases efficiency of work;
  • The client doesn’t need to hire additional personnel or buy technologies for maintaining logistic processes and monitor works.

Competent distribution of land allotments, optimal use of the available volume of land, planning of the terrain – all of these tasks are performed by our next customer. This is a Lithuanian firm that specializes in cadastral measurements. The amount of work is huge, because there are many details.

Representatives of the company need to be aware of the state system for measuring coordinates and a list of restrictive signs, rules for marking and establishing the coordinates of the turning points of borders. In addition, it is necessary to measure the structures and installations in the site, be able to draw a map with the drawing of contours of agricultural lands and mark objects or special types of territories with special rules of use.

This is only a small part of the work that the employees of the customer company regularly perform. The essence of all efforts is aimed at preserving natural resources and regulating their use through state regulations.

Not surprisingly, the client wanted to have a tool to help with monitoring the process of executing the entire amount of work by employees, since, for lack of alternatives, they had to travel around the country.