SpdLoad has an expertise in the development of e-commerce platforms in the different fields


SpdLoad develops e-commerce platforms for businesses in different fields. Initial Business Analysis helps us to study the market, its demand and competitors to create the profitable solution for our clients.

Custom photo souvenirs e-commerce

Benefits of working with us

  • We have successfully developed several  e-commerce platforms from scratch
  • We provide Business Analysis to study the market and create the product that meets the market requirements and has competitive advantage.

The client has an existing business - production of photo souvenirs that operates in 40 countries simultaneously, being adapted to local features and language environment. Existing sites contained a large number of bugs and the customer decided to remake the frontend of the platform.

Since all the developers of the company were busy on other tasks, we provided the developer and immediately got to work. We studied the errors in already developed platforms and developed completely new functionality that was integrated with existing API and optimized the performance.

SpdLoad used the solution that eliminated all the weaknesses through preliminary analysis. The functionality was extended.

A separate developer under the supervision of the manager remotely worked with the German office and developed the elements of backlog, connecting them to the integrated backend system. The QA tested the work done before handing it over to the customer. The technology used for creating the front-end was not the latest one but it was justified by the customer's request. Now the project is in the final phase.


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