SpdLoad has an expertise in the development of mobile applications for car leasing services

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Our team develops mobile apps for businesses in the field of renting and booking using all the new technologies and functionalities to make the client’s business more profitable.

Development of a mobile application for the luxury cars leasing

Benefits of working with us:

  • SpdLoad has a strong expertise in B2B mobile app development
  • We have several successful projects in the field of booking and rental services  
  • We provide Business analysis to study the market and its competition to make an app more attractive for potential customers

The client has a service for renting luxury cars. Personal vehicles are considered to be a common thing in the US, but luxury cars are not affordable for everyone. The app gives an opportunity to rent an upper class car for a ride or a night event.

The client was about to miss the deadline because it was necessary to create the crucial functionality. That’s why we offered a developer on the outstaff model, who took over the development of the missing crucial functionality.

The project was successfully completed thanks to the communication of our developer with the customer’s team. The application was developed using React Native , SAGA & REDUX, and Expo app for rapid testing.

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