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E-commerce construction

A large workshop for production of baguette frames was looking for a way to expand the distribution of goods through the online store, and simplify the process of buying a complex product and price formation. Any solutions on the market did not meet the full requirements of our client’s business. This required to perform a routine process and spend a lot of time each time an order was made. Also, placement of all 5500+ frame texture options online did not give a full picture of the final order.

Consultant who together with the customer selects a suitable texture from the 5500+ options of baguettes in the catalog.

After that he forms a price in Excel based on his own decisions (Visual Basic). Pricing formula varies based on the type of material, shape of the frame, the type of treatment, accessories and additional options.

The consultant prepared a technical project for the master and passed the order to the workshop for manufacturing.

After a time, the buyer received the frame and for the first time could evaluate it visually.

Meet challenge

The customer had a product that was difficult to represent in the online store in the form of content that decreased loyalty to the product, prolonged the already long process of ordering through the Internet

Did not give an opportunity for e-commerce channel to provide a conversion comparable with sales of such finished goods.



Front end

Back end



Client could independently create a visual order by choosing a type of treatment and could evaluate it in a variety of interiors, with examples of pictures for clarity using the interactive designer on the website


The price is automatically formed depending on the selected processing parameters, volume, type of baguette and is sent to the shopping cart.


From the shopping cart:

Order as a prepared technical project is sent to the master who can already start working on this it. He receives an e-mail notification, which allows him to visit his personal account page when there is a need and to not be distracted by incoming orders in the production control.

Consultant in the store receives a notice to contact the buyer to specify details and confirm the order.


It transformed the process of ordering in an easy and exciting process for the customer, filling the site did not require a huge effort as if it had to be done manually, photographing various predefined options for frames, and master immediately received an unified technical project without errors directly from the buyer.

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