Total, with the help of the best e-commerce software we not only reduced costs but also increased revenue for the customer.

The work on the site was distributed between 2 employees. Their monthly salary was about 1200 dollars. After integration into automation, these people can be involved only occasionally. Thus, we saved the customer $ 1200 per month.

The project was developed in 3 months and is being supported more than 1 year.

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At the end of the work, the above-mentioned businessman got a self-contained CRM to fully satisfy his webstore needs. Now the entire process of acquiring goods, from the selection to ending with the invoice provision, is completely computerized. Clients as well as employees don't need to install additional software, because the site is running smoothly.


After our work, the online store software began to work faster, and this in turn increases the conversion by 7%. Also the updated site is much more functional. This made it more convenient for anchor customers, increased their brand loyalty and readiness to recommend it.

E-Commerce Software

Some time ago, a businessman turned to SpdLoad, whose business prospered successfully for almost 10 years. The site of his online store regularly prevented a lot of people, but it also had it's own issues.
The site worked with the help of CRM technology in an obsolete way. There were a lot of constant mistakes, because of what the online store was out-of-date. Moreover, CRM was not connected to his site at all, so owner had to hire people to process all orders manually. Not surprisingly, the client needed professional CRM support. It was necessary to automate the registration process of orders and reduce the workload of employees.

During this e-commerce web development there were several curious moments that complicated the process of work. To achieve a quality result, the work had to be divided into several stages. There was a need to begin with the architecture of the project.
The first stage is diagnostics. The site assumed the availability of about 30 000 items. Before the very beginning of work, the team had to study in detail the structure of the site.
No wonder, it was necessary for the project to create a database of complex design. It was supposed to be simple and convenient to use, and also worked quickly despite a large number of products.

In addition, it was necessary to automate the entire process of registration of the purchase, so that there was no longer any need to attract human resources. In total, the team had to supplement the existing infrastructure with a multi-level database and fully automate it.

As a solution to all these problems, the team decided to create an additional database. It was necessary to introduce it into the project and attach it to the existing database.

The next stage was the creation of advanced CRM technology for establishing the automatic interaction of site visitors and materials on it. For this we used PHP Laravel, because it is this tool that helps to achieve several goals at once:

  • A simple way to support the site architecture.
  • High speed sites.
  • High level of security
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