The client received a scalable e-ticket booking software which can be managed by 1 employee. With an average salary in Germany of 30k Euros per year, the return on investment will come a little over 1 year later.

During the development period, we tested the e-ticket application with 2 corporate clients. The use of Lean methodology helped to develop only the most necessary features in consequence of which, conversions have grown on 13%.

Benefits of cooperation
  • The client could not find the required developer for a long period of time. Applying to the SPDLoad - the client received a developer with the necessary experience in the development of ticket systems within 3 days.
  • The client did not have documentation for the project - and many agencies refused it. Our company has experience in developing in a foreign code without documentation.
  • We offered a more profitable financial model than payment for hours.

Electronic Ticketing System

At the heart of the name are the words "tickets" and "communicator". The task of the product is to ensure a quick and simple interaction between sellers and buyers. In fact, the entire role of the intermediary is in providing a technical basis for making transactions.

Specifically for visitors to the site, a credit system was developed to invite friends to the system. Everyone gets their own benefit: registered users can purchase real tickets for this money, new arrivals receive truthful information first-hand, and the organizer saves on advertising, and thus can offer people their tickets at a cheaper price.

The product functions initially in German and Russian. However, the system has a tool for translating into other languages, as well as a language filter function for greater user convenience.

Thanks to the peculiarities of the system, tickets can be purchased simply, conveniently and quickly. However, the obvious advantage is that the buyer sees free places and can choose where to sit.

We developed for the customer TixCom-Widget - a special module for booking tickets, which can easily be placed on any other site. To do this, just enter one single line of code.

People who are interested in buying tickets do not need to register to achieve their goal. The mediator recognizes his role and is not going to impose a mailing or additional services.

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