As a result, it turned out to be a practical and very profitable phone app. First, thanks to it, the customer did not have to expand the staff at the time of mobile application development. For independent work, he would need to hire at least two more people. The application was published quite quickly, from analysis and to the material result was only 4 months. The work done for 8 person-months will fully pay back in a year.

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In addition, the resulting product makes life easier for patients and doctors. You can make an appointment for a doctor in a few minutes if you have access to high-quality Internet. The application has a list of available time for reception. There is no longer any need to stand idle for many hours, everything happens faster and easier. As a result, it saves a lot of time, and also protects the nervous system.


Moreover, there is no need for a registry, and this saves space in the hospitals themselves and an unlimited amount of money for staff maintenance.

Mobile application for patients and doctors

Details of create mobile application

The client possessed a software of a large volume for automation of all internal processes. To do this, they have their own development team. The problem arose with external ones, in particular, with interaction with users.

Since they were not able to formalize the API themselves, this healthcare client needed additional help. The implied help is of the following kind:

  • Creating an API Architecture;
  • Consulting and mentoring of their department;
  • Records management.
Healthcare mobile application

This case was not easy due to the wide range of customer needs that had to be satisfied. Each client needed to get new opportunities, such as visits to the clinic and receiving a variety of services, which include:

  • Preliminary visit before the appointed date.
  • Access to medical records.
  • Ability to receive notifications.
  • Tracking the history of the premises, their appointment, and cancellation.

All these opportunities must be online, and therefore the system must have a mechanism for continuous updating. In addition, the tool must have sufficient memory capacity for combination with the database, integration with the calendar and medical documents, as well as the mode of live interaction.

Development process

The SpdLoad team decided to create a mobile application based on a large amount of logic using React Native.

This tool helps to save budget because it is universal for code development for Apple and Android platforms. It was necessary to implement the following functions:

  • Manage your doctor's appointment records (including booking, cancellation, and rebooking) and reciprocal online synchronization.
  • Access to information about doctors and patients, clinics and prices, as well as the ability to view the history of visits.
  • Editing and uploading passport data.
  • Receiving notifications.
  • Tracking the location to find local medical facilities.

The client had an issue of creating a mobile application, the essence of which is to facilitate the fate of doctors and users. It would help them to contact each other, save time for them and make their cooperation more effective for both sides.

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