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The calendar of our orders was replenished with the next item in July last year. The order came from our client, who has become a good friend of ours during last two years of cooperation



Tasks for website WITH CRM

At the time when the request was made, the client had an outdated site with a huge database and an old crm. Representatives of the company had to perform a large amount of work manually. Needless to say, it was very impractical, took a lot of time and effort, and also required the use of additional human effort, which also had to be paid. As a result, our customer came up with the idea to optimize the work of his online representation.
Before us there were two main tasks: first, it was necessary to create a new website, built on modern technologies and convenient for users. And secondly, to optimize the system of money relations on the site.

The process of putting ideas into practice

First, we conducted a business analysis. This showed the features of the constructed model of the enterprise in the market of services, and also led us to the idea that one site will be not enough. The SpdLoad command made the decision to create a new integrated crm system, which controls the operation of several sites, connected via remote communication with the database. At the same time, we were not limited in terms, the client was calm giving us as much time as necessary.
In the process of work, it turns out that the client is concerned about the security of information on sales and network in the commercial database that he used before this project. In order to avoid leakage of information and the customer's peace of mind, we engaged in the design of integration without access to private materials. The whole process of work was controlled by the customer using remote documents.
In the course of work, the product passed through multiple tests, including technical and interface testing. The whole project took us 9 months.

Results of the project

As a result of the work, the client was presented a rebranded main site with 160 secondary ones, by the number of sales agents. All of them were related in one way to integration with crm.


The crm system allows the customer to fully control the transaction processes. In addition, thanks to her, the company's achievements become evident to all employees and representatives of the company. This gives the company an advantage in the form of loyalty of its partners, and eliminate possible confusion.


However, this is not the only benefit that the client received as a result of the next cooperation. Among the pluses are:

  • A new system that fully performs its functions without the need for access to personal data.
  • Increased volume of site conversion by 180%.
  • The new system regularly expands the network of users of our client, and this increases the income of his company by 5-7% every month.
  • Flexible process of cooperation.
  • Save up to 40% of the budget for website development.
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