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How often do people have plans for a universal scale? Our next client doesn't have other goals. We are talking about an initial business from Norway, whose representative wants to create a unified job search system for the whole world.


Job searching application

Work process

Everything that the customer had before working with us is an idea and a goal. After an active brainstorming session, the SpdLoad team decided to create three sites with a single database. The idea was that they should function as parts of one organism and could not interact without one another.

The need for three sites instead of one arose because each of them performs its function. The task of the first is to process data about the applicant, employees of the company on the second interview, and only then the person can get on the third, having access to the information on vacancies.

Site functionality

The main site contains all the information about employers from America and countries of Western Europe. Passed all the stages of registration, applicants can put their ad or resume, get on an interview with a particular employer and be active in any other way.

Although the whole system operates on the basis of one database, in order to get into the immediate work area, it is necessary to go through several stages of identification. This is a necessary requirement, without this work with good conditions can not be found.

Identification refers to the person and the resume. It must be done through two other sites. Data entered and confirmed on one site are automatically synchronized to others. In addition, some of the features on one of the sites will not be available to you until you have automated on the other.

Positive aspects of teamwork

In any work, for optimal results, cooperation is necessary. The client presents information - we create a product. As a result, the customer received the following benefits:

  • The client received an ability to cover all stages of job searching process: from identity verification to broadcasting job interviews;
  • The product covers the job searching market worldwide, which, among other things, expands the customer's audience;
  • The client can work only with real verified job seekers;
  • The system can cope with big amount of user simultaneously;
  • The system consists of 3 different portals in order to simplify the logic and make the product more user-friendly, however, client is able to manage all 3 portals in the holistic admin page. Therefore, there is no need for the customer to hire a team of specialists.

These guys are much more positive and they just do it, and sometimes it becomes more work than expected, but they take it as a good lesson and experience, which in my eyes is a good attitude that brings much knowledge and improved/extended service in long-term.


Here, another project is completed. If you are interested in the principle of our work or if you have needs that we can satisfy, please write to us. The only frameworks for us can be set only by our customers, and we put their needs above all!

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