Our client is a lawyer from Silicon Valley. The main problem was that most of the time he spent on filling in contracts. And of course his profit depends on his working hours. Our team developed an intelligent system that allowed

  • to process 8 times more contracts per day
  • to receive additional profit from the sale of place in this system to other lawyers
  • The work has been splitted into different parts e. g. business analysis, backend development, UX/UI development, frontend development what makes it convenient for the client to keep a track of and to prioritize it.
Chatbot User control
  • The staff in the field of artificial intelligence costs an average of $ 120 per hour in the Valley, working with us the client saved his budget 3 times.
  • The client received all the services in one place, these are business analysis and research of competitors, development of prototypes, ux/ui design, interface development, AI-engine
  • Ordering the development in SpdLoad the client received PoC within a short period of time which was highly appreciated by angel investors. This gave a green light to financing of the product.

Lawyer chat bots

The client received a full range of services for development of the chat-bot. We started working with the proof of concept and testing on the lean methodology with its target audience. For testing, 13 companies were selected who agreed to leave their product reviews.

For PoC we've created prototype with Axure. This helps significantly save the budget and it is very important to save time from idea to collecting feedback on the future product.

At its core, the system is a SaaS solution, in which all its advantages are available. This is user management, profile settings, object management.

The main task of the system is automation to create contracts. Since the scope of the system is jurisprudence, it is necessary to create  a legal agreements for various types of civil cases. It is known that most of the time, a lawyers spend on paperwork and them earnings are very limited by his working hours. So the system created by us, makes it possible to reduce paper work to a minimum. It is enough to create contracts once in the system.

The main difference from the conventional system of contracting that our solution offers customized contracts. The system leads with you a live chat, which is built on the elements of machine learning and by key words we divide the sentence and insert them in the right places in the contract.

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