1. The project was developed from scratch with the development of business logic and backend architecture.
2. Besides of that, our QA department tested the full product with performance testing.
3. After revising the business strategy the client realized that the load will be more than planned. Thus, the backend structure was improved else more to maintain all processes.

Personal benefit for the customer

However trite it may sound, the main benefit that the client received as a result of cooperation is money. At home, this entrepreneur received financial assistance sufficient to create a website using local resources. However, cooperation with our team cost the customer exactly three times cheaper. Thanks to it, this customer has not only received a quality MVP, but also saved some amount of money for research and market testing.

Software for the Marketplace

Our client this time was a young ambitious entrepreneur. He passed the acceleration in one of the well-known funds, receiving a budget for conducting marketing research and developing a site for his project. His goal is to develop his project to the level of a large museum of contemporary art of international level. The target audience of the customer is a rich class of people who appreciate quality service and are ready to pay any money for it.
On the other hand, the businessman wanted to provide an opportunity for all creative people, both young and experienced, to upload their work there for evaluation, demonstration and sale. It created some difficulties.

The SpdLoad team had a difficult task: the marketplace development accessible to a huge number of users, with wide functionality in each specific case and uninterruptedly high speed of work. There was a need to involve artists in the project, because each user should have a different level of access, depending on the type of subscription chosen. Since the site contained a huge amount of data, it was necessary to provide data protection, in particular, from illegal downloads to personal devices. Also, since it is a question of money relations, it is important to follow the integration of payment systems in the market.

Solutions for marketplace

Since it was necessary to solve so many problems, the team decided to use a proven means. The choice fell on a set of technologies that combines PHP 7 and Laravel.
As a result, the site is a system with a high level of load, since it contains about 100 million creative works and 1 million users. Despite this, it works qualitatively thanks to the PHP 7 Laravel. Thanks to the use of this system, we achieved several goals:
All input data is now under reliable protection.
We can easily support this site despite the heavy workload.
The marketplace software platform works quickly without interruption, regardless of how many users use it simultaneously.

Results of create marketplace

As a result, we can say that the customer received an online marketplace software for images that fully satisfy his basic needs. The system works as a market with an established work process, a high level of protection of financial processes and personal data of all users, as well as a wide range of opportunities for everyone. Moreover, the received platform pleases with growing volumes of productivity. However, the details of the implemented project can demonstrate it in the best possible way:

  • The site has a wide range of functionality for each visitor.
  • The artist can create an exhibition of his works, and the buyer can go to financial operations immediately after viewing the works he liked.
  • Each photo is now protected by a watermark system, which makes their theft impossible.
  • The site can simultaneously handle a large amount of data and serve a million users.

Everybody at SpLoad ... can finish difficult tasks in a fraction of the time it would take other developers.

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