Mobile application development for broadcasting video from surveillance cameras to the phone

Mobile application development for broadcasting video from surveillance cameras to the phone

SpdLoad SpdLoad made the internal team more efficient and effective. They worked quickly, communicated frequently, and integrated seamlessly with the company’s existing workflow.


SpdLoad covers needs for security and video analytics providers and companies connected to this branch in the field of the:

  • Business Analysis
  • Mobile applications development


Benefits of working with us:

  • We have a clear understanding of specific aspects peculiar to the market of video management systems
  • We provide services that help our clients to improve their products and get higher revenues
  • Our solution is applicable to large audiences since we create B2B mobile apps for Video Surveillance as a Service Platform

The demand for CCTV systems is growing day by day. That’s why providers invest their efforts not only in the development of web platforms, but also in mobile apps to make the systems as user-friendly as possible and attract more clients. However, creating such apps might be a challenge because of complex systems they include.

It is a multi brand application for accessing remote cameras and the info about triggering different sensors.

The client had two mobile applications for different platforms, however, there were issues with library compatibility when updating the IOS, which increased the company’s expenses.

There was the layout of the app ready as well as the plan for its development in the nearest future. Also, the client wanted to switch to a new API version, however the date was unknown. Our task was to provide the React Native developer and cooperate with the client’s team in the development of a cross-platform mobile application and switching to a new API version.

To develop this mobile application, we used React Native, SAGA & REDUX, which allowed us to fulfill the customer’s requirements for the product.