In the 21st century, sport is being popularized not only to make money on human passions, but also to stimulate the flow of potential consumers to events that become an arena of the struggle of advertising, brands, technologies, but not just teams. A ticket in modern form of B2C mobile apps becomes important not only for a spectator, but also for business . Consequently, large scale and growth require ticket distribution and booking systems to go online and even mobile to cover a larger audience, continuous improvement and flexibility to meet the growing intensity and number of customer requests and behavioral patterns. Here the relevance of B2B mobile app development arises.

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SpdLoad provides the full cycle of mobile business app development and takes ongoing project into support. We develop our products according to the market requirements and predefined technical documentation and continue project development after a thorough revision and roadmap clarification.

Mobile application for buying tickets

- Numerous developed cross platform B2B mobile apps;

- Strong expertise in mobile API development and integration;

- Wide variety of services which supply a product from all sides: business analysis, QA, UI/UX development;Е

- Totally similar experience of development a ticket booking application:

The idea of that application was quite simple - to sell tickets to sport events. However, the client was not doing well with the development. He was working without software requirements specification and didn’t have enough of time. On later stage of the development second version of the design appeared. It didn’t correspond to the API which initially was missed at all

Our team made the requirements to the project systematic, analyzed and corrected existent features and developed new requirements to design and functionalities. That work was done by our mobile developer and QA engineer who were dedicated to the client who was operating as a backend developer.

The solution was realized with cross platform React Native what helped the app to expand on iOS and Android operating systems. Additionally, we used Expo for fast testing, SAGA and Redux forms. Developed by our mobile developer front-end interface was implemented to the API.

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