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We were approached by a client who was ready to help everyone. In addition, his company also provides an opportunity for young talents to find themselves and take their place in the field of show business. Let's tell you how it was.


Music analysis software

Original Data

We were asked to create another web application. As always, the idea was completely unique. It was about music labels. To stay afloat, they need to find new artists from time to time, capable of winning the audience. But where to get them?

Receipts occur constantly. Each label regularly receives a huge number of demos from unknown musicians. The task of the label is to select the best, able to compete with other works. Only they make sense to run in production. Accordingly, the selection should be thorough. It's no surprise that experts should be involved. But it takes a lot of time and gives rise to controversy, and the result is not always guaranteed. These problems should be solved by a new application.

Processing and features of the new product

How fast do experts work? And how much does their work cost? The selection of hits by hand is not always effective. However, we have implemented in the application the ability to check the popularity of future hits even before the label takes on any of them. Now the artists can lay out their work for everyone to see. The audience makes their choice and then the label sees what is really worth trying, and what is not. Thus, the probability of success of a new project of the company is increased at least twice. How does it work?

Our application has two main directions: musicians and labels. The possibilities of musicians allow them to download their music online and send it to representatives of labels. After receiving the recordings, they listen to those songs and create promotional campaigns for some of them. After that, the songs get to the target audience. A special mobile application allows everyone to evaluate the presented tracks. As a result, music labels get statistics on the songs laid out. The statistics is presented in the form of visualization and is the basis for making final decisions regarding production.

But the uniqueness of the product created by us does not end on this only. In addition, each track is tested in practice and has its own assessment, each representative of the music industry can serve as the popularity of every musician on the world map. Visualization of results is based on data from their Facebook accounts.

Do you think that we have stopped here? It was not right there! To correct and clarify information for each artist, a system was developed, which task is to collect information about each musician specifically from other musical sources, for example, such as Soundcloud or Dizer. Thus, the labels were able to clarify the forecast of popularity for each of the artists.

Advantages of the product for the customer

So, if we sum up, cooperation with SpdLoad gave the client more than just a new application in the music sphere. Other benefits include:

  • Access to the closed market of the music industry is narrowly focused.
  • Unique features of product analysis and its introduction into the audience before the official release.
  • Lack of competition, since there are simply no other such applications.

The process of such testing is fully automated, so it does not require human intervention. This saves for the customer a lot of time and money, since there is no need to hire a development team.


During the first year of operation, the customer can reach a target audience of a huge number - more than a dozen European labels.

If you are interested in the option of cooperation with SpdLoad, contact our representative for any of these contacts. We are always glad to cooperate!

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