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Online doctor check-in app

As a result, our client has received an online application which could connect patient with the doctor and provide additional services such as reviewing important in the process of treatment info what can lead to a better treatment, more effective time management for patients and clinics, administrative cost reduction for medical institutions.

The client was a private company, which had an idea of developing a mobile application that could connect users and doctors from the clinics, hence optimize time costs of both sides and provide better effectiveness.

The complexity of this business case grounds on clients’ needs. It was required to provide users with an ability to book a visit to clinic and to get additional services such as bringing visit forward to a date, reviewing medical documentation, get notifications, reviewing the history of visiting or cancelation of visit. All that stuff was required to be online. Thus the solution has to be online refreshable, have database which is integrated with clinic’s calendar and documentation base and provide live communication with these parts.

Front end

Back end



Managing(booking, cancellation, rebooking) visit to a doctor and synchronizing calendar on both sides of interaction;


Editing, reviewing personal info about patient + uploading of passport data;


Reviewing the history of visits;


Getting push-notifications and reviewing info about clinic, doctor, prices;


Geolocation engine to find medical institutions.

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