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Online marketplace for arts

Business owner has received a fully customized marketplace with a support of financial processes, wide user features and roles, protected content and great performance.

This project was interesting unusual for our team because we were asked to solve such problems as multiple roles activity with wide actions capability for users because. There were needed as painters as art collectors, resellers and level of access should have been changing according to type of monthly subscription. An uploading of huge amounts of data, which must be protected from outlaw downloading also, was a challenge. Besides, as it was a marketplace payment systems integration also was needed.

The client was a young Norwegian businessperson who decided to create a marketplace where painters and picture resellers could upload their products, show them and sell.

Business analysis


Front end

Back end



Multiple role setting with wide unique functionalities was realized on the site;


It was possible to set up exhibitions and proceed to financial operations through the site if user would like to buy something;


All the pictures were protected by watermark system so that it was impossible to steal them;


The website received a possibility to serve many users simultaneously and to process huge amounts of different data.

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