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P2P delivery system

AirBasket – start-up born from the idea of getting benefit from traveling. The service allows you to order, buy cheaper things that are not available in your country by simply contacting a traveler who is going to visit your country through this service. We were recommended to the businessman by a mutual friend in Silicon Valley who introduced us as a team which is able to build a convenient online service around the new and not yet fully proven start-up business model and implement businessman’s ideas.

This service allows you to easily manage and insure the relationship between buyer and seller.

The company has already been running a MVP and it was required to develop a fully working internet portal that would be ready for users high performance and  at the same time be flexible enough so it would be possible to implement new functionality and customize the existent one to changing needs.

Angular and Laravel technology - compared to other frameworks, these are easier to customize and withstand high frequency of requests.

Is a portal that can withstand up to 10 million visits per month, and during the development process we seamlessly implemented two new expanding features without affecting the structure of the site.

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