Airbasket, Vietnam logistics company

November 2016 marked an interesting project. This time we were approached by a small company specializing in transportation. They had an idea and a little work, a small spark, from which we kindled a flame ... but everything must be told in the right order.


P2P logistics system

Development of logistics system

Our customer found out about us on the advice of a familiar entrepreneur. We were "brought down" by a common friend living in Silicon Valley. The customer became interested, as the SpdLoad team was presented to him as professionals who are ready to profitably implement the brightest ideas of businessmen, and also to bring to full readiness completely raw projects.
The client had an MVP business offline, and now he needed an established Internet portal. The list of necessary characteristics and requirements included good flexibility for the implementation of new functions and capabilities in the course of changing needs, as well as the ability to allocate large loads and high productivity.

How we did P2P logistics system

The essence of our customer's idea was that customers would benefit from travel. It was necessary to create a system in which people could buy something abroad much cheaper, or buy something that is not found in the country at all. The most interesting thing is that your things get to you through a traveler going to visit your country and registered on this network. In addition, the service should be equipped with special tools that protect the money relations between sellers and buyers, as well as helping them to regulate.
Features of the order led us to the idea of ​​using Angular and Laravel - more profitable in total platforms that allow the site to withstand a heavy load from users. We also used P2P, a peer-to-peer type of network in which all elements act in the same way, or they vary depending on different conditions. In the end, we expanded the functionality of the site successfully by implementing 2 new tools without affecting the structure of the site.
All work was completed within 5 months.

The results of build logistics system

At the moment, AirBasket has its own Internet portal, which receives about 10 million visitors in a month. All the processes necessary to complete the transactions are now automated. This saves time, nerves and efforts of the company's employees.
The client on own experience was convinced of the truthfulness of words of our mutual friend. A representative of the company came to us with an idea and description, and we made a candy from it, offering a business model that is actively profitable.
If you also want to make a quality and profitable software for your company - feel free to contact SpdLoad!

SpdLoad transformed an MVP into a functioning app for a peer-to-peer delivery service. They offered their input in order to design a kind of platform that had never existed before.

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