1. The system was developed in 3 months. However, it is extendable to add new functionalities.
2. The CRM is fully custom and was developed from scratch by our team. the design was developed in cooperation with a client.
3. During the development the client tightly cooperated with the team because we are based in the same city.
4. In addition, the client received a tool for incorporation of existent business data into a new system.

Benefits to the enterprise

The results of our work reduced the processing time for requests for collaterals. There was no need for additional hours of work or additional workers who would do this.
In addition, accounting for all financial activities has become more transparent, monitoring this process has become easier, which means that the company has the opportunity to work on the effectiveness of their work.
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CRM for pawnshop

Original tasks, conditions and goals

Our client this time was an entrepreneur who has a network of pawnshops. At that time, the customer already had a website, but some organizational tasks were still not resolved. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a CRM system that would reduce waste of time, as well as improve the quality of service.
During business analysis and communication with the client, we identified several small important goals:
Create a database of all customers and things, and also provide the possibility of editing it.
Create an individual client card for each visitor.
Provide ways to change actions with things in the pawnshop and their statuses.
At the same time, the program should be simple and convenient for both bosses and clients.

Obtained program features

At the moment, the created best CRM program has a number of possibilities:
Each new user is registered on the company's website, creating a personal account.
The site actively uses the template of the pledge agreement. After compiling the document, it is automatically loaded into the existing database. In the future, the history of all committed financial transactions will be automatically displayed both in the database and in the interface.
Each item has its own status, denoting standard actions with any kind of objects: redemption, partial redemption, extension of the pledge, closing.
The program displays the history of changes in the status of each deposit.
When a pledge for a thing closes, it can be put up for sale or transferred to a warehouse. Both of these cases are taken into account in the system settings.
When the item is sold, the program presents the opportunity to print receipts. Plus, the program assumes the availability of "Cashbox", which saves all information about your income.
"Cashbox" has its own memory, where it stores the history of actions.
Availability of site search and search filters.
The administrator account assumes a wide range of CRUD capabilities - create, read, update and delete. Here is an example of a musical melody, as there are several basic elements in the melody, as in the case of data management.
By implementing these functions, we have achieved the goal set by the customer at the beginning of the project. However, this is not all the benefits that he received as a result of cooperation.

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