The client spent 1 year developing the property management CRM software without paying due attention to a front part, design and business strategy, which eventually led to a complete similarity with competitors. Thanks to the transformation of the interface and, in some way, business logic, executed by our business analyst and designer, the client raised his first round of investments in Germany.

We provided research services for the preparation of a pitch deck. A completely new interface was developed, which allowed to get the first paid customers into the project.

  • A pivot was made in time and the development strategy was changed. As it was said above, the client did not investigate competitors. Thanks to our research, we came to the conclusion that the current state of the market will not allow the startup to grow (high competition of large companies)
  • The client could not find resources in Germany in a limited budget quickly. Business analyst and designer services in our company are 2 times cheaper than in Germany.
  • A large style guide was developed that allows scaling the platform without increasing the budget for the design. This guide is passed to the developer and he makes an interface according to it.

CRM for real estate management

The first acquaintance with the website begins with the home page. Therefore, we must pay special attention to it. The client came to us with a template design and a patience to make your site unique. We completely redesigned the design from the home page.

The administrative part of the site management has been completely redesigned and in particular the addition of the object. The specifics of the project presuppose many settings for the property.

The catalog of objects also received cardinal updates.

The big challenge was to create a table of all real estate objects that belong to the same owner

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