BI companies, stock markets, brokerage associations, trading unities, hedge funds. That is not the full list of types of companies which are concerned with big money operations, bets and working with valuable papers and natural resources trading. The benefit of insightful information is obvious for them. Finding these insights is the most problematic issue. Solutions based on AI algorithms is the only thing that can boost their competitiveness to the moon.



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SpdLoad covers needs for BI and stocks trading companies in the field of collecting genuine insights for decision making with the help of:

  • Initial business analysis of an idea;
  • Recognitive computer vision software;
  • Analytical neural networks.


Recognizing the volume of oil in storages from space

Benefits of working with us:

- More than 40 years of summarized experience of AI software development from our CTO and lead data scientist;

- Additional development of interfaces and web APIs for visualization and manipulation of data;

- The launch of own computer vision system which can be extrapolated on your solution;

- Successful end-to-end development of computer vision algorithms and neural networks for our clients, for example, the recognition of the volume of oil in storages from space:

Our client has an informational agency which sells economical insights to stock traders. He decided to add value to his insights and forecasts with the information about volumes of oil in storages what would be quite important for resources traders.

Implementation of the task required the expertise in recognizing graphic objects and writing algorithms for calculating indicators depending on the available visual information. Since there are a few specialists in this area, the customer received a unique opportunity to complete the project with us. In addition, he had the opportunity not only to get the development, but also the initial analysis of the idea.

The hypothesis suggested that it is possible to find out the amount of oil reserves in ф storage due to a shadow that falls on the inner walls of a storage due to the floating cover, having access to photos from the space. We offered the customer not only the development, but also a research, since previously no similar projects have been implemented. In order to reduce costs, it was necessary to prove the hypothesis.

The only advantage of the solution was its uniqueness. Also, the client was provided with a complete research team, which not only developed the solution, but approached the task from a critical point of view.

Our team conducted a rapid study, during which we found out that the smallest errors from images would lead to the fact that the developed calculation algorithm will give a big error on the final indicators. The insufficient quality of images from space did not allow the algorithm to perform accurate calculations. Since it was impossible to improve the quality of the photo, the client decided to stop the project. Thus, our team saved a lot of money and time for the customer, proved that the idea will work, but the information that will be given will turn out to be inaccurate, which will only hurt the business.


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