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Company journey

Customer came to us with an idea of project for hospitals network who works with mental health issues

Customer provided us with high-level requirements of business logic and user interface designs

Due to very specific niche of the solution we had to develop a detailed requirements documentation according to HIPAA compliance

We created and agreed the user workflow through the app. It allowed us to reach the best user engagement

Our team developed project roadmap with all technical and business requirements, design details and specific HIPAA requirements to implement

As a result, we created a scalable solution to pass very specific tests with analytic dashboard and management system

Project key factors


Who was our customer

Startup from scratch


Where our customer based

Customer from the USA without technical background


What we wanted to achieve

To build MVP to find product / market fit


Who was involved in development

1 UX/UI, 1 backend, 1 frontend, 1 project manager, 1 QA


How long did the project take

6 month

Main requirements

The customer is the owner of a network of 2 hospitals specialized in mental health issues. The main idea of the solution is to digitize the adding and management of specific mental health tests.

Our solution

Development of the app requirements

The customer provided us with the concept of business logic. We specified every step of the user journey and complete both the technical and the business parts of requirements. It helped us to create a detailed project roadmap with prioritized tasks. It allowed us to deliver the project as fast as possible with the maximum quality

Implemented HIPAA compliance

In the process of development we had to use HIPAA compliance practices. Our expertise in Healthcare domain helped us to provide customer with the best solutions created especially for patients data security

Improvement user interface and experience design

We used the customer design as the base for improvements. We optimised the user journey. It allowed us to provide the maximum user engagement and helped to optimise the number of required screens

How we did it?

1. Research the HIPAA compliance requirements

2. Develop the requirements according to HIPAA

3. Provide customer with design improvements

4. Use own development kit to speed up time required for a development

5. Develop an MVP to validate hypothesis

Technologies we use


The HIPAA compliance application that guarantees absolutely full patients data security

A smooth workflow to provide the best user experience

The rapid setup and development process of MVP


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