1. The client received not only the service of development of a Smart Home application for his business. Due to our experienced doctoral level stuff, we provided the client with the hardware prototyping and development.
2. The client received a sensor which was installed in his hostels in a short term which is quite rare for the hardware development - 3 months.
3. The whole project allowed the client to reduce the number of his employees down to 1 person.
4. Regardless the clients location - the USA, he recieved an excellent level of communication and the delivery of his product.


Clients of the company SpdLoad never leave us unhappy. And this time the list of advantages of cooperation can help one rejoice:

  • The client received an ability to break into 3 new markets including smart house systems market;
  • The client received a contract to cover 500 hotels with this audio recognition system;
  • The product is built the way that insures customer from additional costs on the server maintenance during scaling;
  • The system allows to update devices remotely what gives the client an ability to work on outbound markets;
  • The reliability of the system is provided by 8 parallel algorithms which insure each other's work.

IoT-audio sensor

As a result of hard work, we created a system consisting of a website, a mobile application and a sensor.
The task of the latter is to catch sounds and transmit it through the Internet connection. Usually the sensor is in a sleeping state, but as soon as the noise level becomes slightly higher than the allowable one - it turns on and records the passage. It happens due to the introduction of the Machine Learning technology.
The recorded audio the device sends to the cloud storage of the user account. The person, in turn, receives an online notification of the situation in the room and the recorded fragment.

We were approached by a company representing a network of hotels. The purpose of the representatives was to obtain a product that helps them to collect information about the noise level in the common areas of some hostel-type hotels. It's about the kitchen, the corridors, etc. As practice shows, in these places, there is a need to check the noise level when the noise is actually already banned, so as not to interfere with the guest's rest.

The developed Smart Home system is based on P2P technology. Because of this, there is no need to create a separate server to work with the system. Each component of the created product is aimed at improving the level of security, and therefore the quality of work.
We equipped our system of online alerts feature, which allows you to keep abreast of what is happening in your home or office. At the monitored location sensor can be attached to specific applications or different messengers.
The system has Artificial Intelligence technology, which allows it to recognize the nature of the noise (scream, shot, etc.) and determine what is happening right now.
SAAS PLATFORM is included in our system in order to present the possibility for customers to customize the elements of the system, at will to change the permissible noise level, sensor operating time or software update, and also to include in the system home smart devices.

Noisam sensors can be connected to different smart home managing applications via simple and flexible API to improve your control over premise without need to change the supplier.

Thanks to the new system, customers can stay in touch with their home or office when they are not around. Watch for what is happening with a mobile phone or any other device. Get quick messages in case of dangerous situations to react as soon as possible.
However, the possibilities of the system developed by us are even wider. For example, it is possible to connect the system through the cloud storage to state authorities, for example, the bouque
Due to the fact that the sensor is able to constantly stream the sound, you can leave young children or elderly parents at home without fear, since there is such opportunity to open the application at any time and see how they are. In case of unusual situations or shouting, you will be immediately notified of it.
Although you may be abroad Noisam program tracks the situation and informs services about potentially dangerous situations, in such way helping you to manage your house. Moreover, you can connect Noisam to other smart home systems.

I enjoyed cooperation

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