Company journey

Customer came to us with an idea and no business or technical requirements

Our business team researched a business domain, the market and potential competitors

Our business team created business requirements and helped with the direction of the startup

Our development team has researched all technical possibilties in order to implement an IoT sensor

Developers added AI expertise to create autonomous sensors

We provided the customer with research of different business domains and gave themm suggestions on where they should scale

Project key factors


Who was our customer

Customer without technical background. Startup from scratch


Where our customer based



What we wanted to achieve

To scale business and attact new customers


Who was involved in development

1 business analyst, 1 project manager, 1 C++ developer, 1 full stack developer, 1 QA


How long did the project take

6 months

Main requirements

Customer came with an idea but no technical or business requirements. Customer had a relevant business background however, we had a niche to work with. Our team helped to create technical requirements, a business plan and a solution.

Our solution

We have developed business requirements and goals

To create a proper business plan, our team validated the idea and collected feedback from the industry in order to identify the goals we needed to reach.

We have provided customer with market and competitor research

We analysed current solutions to find the best way to put our solution on the market. We focused on creating a USP.

The project was technically complicated

Our development team provided the customer with Artificial Intelligence expertise to help them build autonomous sensors that were connected to the application.

We have overcame scaling issues together with customer

Apart from the existing business the client had, we identified opportunities to scale the business and let it grow in a succesful way.

We have proposed the promotion strategy

Our team created a promotion plan based on industry research, that allowed them to add values to the current business model and grow.

How we did it?

1. Validation of an idea

2. Research of existing solutions

3. Preparation of a business plan

4. Creating a specification

5. Development of an MVP

6. Identification of possibilities to scale

Technologies we use


Our solution improved the satisfaction rate and attracted 15% more customers per month.

We have created a solution that is installed twice as fast as the existing ones.

We have developed 3 different options for business scaling


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