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  • Not everyone can afford himself to install smart house or security system at home. Therefore, owners may feel uncomfortable about their property safety leaving it alone.
  • Business owners who implement innovations into their ventures try to optimize their outcome and decrease the amount of staff but they still need to maintain the level of security in their autonomous hotels or hostels where we can help them.
  • System integration companies can use Noisam as one of their products and also sell it and due to that increase their value and competitiveness. Also, for them it is possible to integrate Noisam as a part of other security/smart home systems.


Noisam team has created a P2P sound streaming sensor system which can provide the premise owner with a security level increase due to an online monitoring and stream recording when it becomes triggered. It is the most simple security solution, which can be used without other systems and send notification directly to your phone. Noisam can also be integrated with other smart home systems.

Scaling Opportunities

The system can be scaled into integration with holistic smart home systems or integration With emergency services.


P2P sound streaming

Noisam is based on P2P system. Each device in the system plays a role of a server what increases the flexibility and safety of the network, decreases loading on the system therefore increases performance.

Noise detection

Using the Machine Learning technology the sensor switches from standby to active mode when it measures a level of noise as higher than allowed. The sensor sends the notification to the connected device immediately.

Online notifications

Be aware of the situation in your premises. You can connect your device to Noisam sensor via Noisam mobile app or different messengers.

Dangerous situation recognition

due to the artificial intelligence technology inside the system knows what does the noise mean. It will understands when the situation becomes abnormal and there is a threat of violence, robbery, murder.

Types of Solution

  • Hardware for a local installation

    a sensor which requires the connection to Wi-Fi network to track and push caught data to an owner

  • Mobile app

    an owner receives notifications from sensors via Noisam mobile app. The app also allows owners to use full capabilities of the sensor - stream sound from the sensor and even manage a holistic smart home system

  • Saas platform

    configure your Noisam sensors in your personal account. Set allowed level of noise, schedule for sensors’ work, receive updates, connect new smart home devices

  • API

    connect Noisam sensors to different smart home managing apps via flexible REST API

Benefits We Bring

Live tracking

triggered sensor immediately sends a notification through a cloud

Protect your house from robbery

track the situation at home or office and receive a notification when a dangerous situation occurs

Stay calm when you're far from home

emergencies will take care of your home - even when you are abroad Noisam tracks the situation and informs services about potentially dangerous situations, helps you to manage your house

Leave your children alone at home and relieve your worries

track the situation at home or office and receive a notification when a dangerous situation occurs


connect Noisam to other smart home systems

Increased mobility

stay connected to your property wherever you are with your phone