Company journey

The customer came to us with an idea and their business requirements

The customer wanted to take care of the business development side themselves

We faced the challenge of overcoming the many risks attributed to offline retail

Our technical team began researching ways they could create the quickest and most user friendly journey

We developed our own payment module that helped to minimize payment time

By utilising cutting-edge solutions and optimizing the interaction between the buyer and seller it enabled us to achieve the goals set by our customers

Project key factors


Who was our customer

We were involved in this startup from the inception


Where our customer based

The customer was based in Russia and had no technical background


What we wanted to achieve

Our task was to create and optimize the business processes of a marketplace


Who was involved in development

We supplied 1 backend, 1 frontend, 1 BA, 1 PM, 1QA and 1 mobile developer


How long did the project take

To date we have been working on this project for 6 months

Main requirements

The customer already had a high level of expertise within the retail industry, but had an idea for a store without the need to checkout. There were no real technical requirements but there did appear to be some issues that needed our consideration in respect of behavioral risks. The main challenge was to overcome those risks by utilising a quick and proper user flow. Below we list the problems we faced with this project and how we rectified them

Our solution

We have formed technical requirements

Our technical team researched all possible issues that may appear in the user process of the application and found solutions in order to avoid them

We have created user workflow from the scratch

Since we had created our own technical solution we lacked any comparative examples, meaning we had to develop our own user journey for best user experience

We have developed own payment module

One of the main customer requirements was to create a fast and secure means of payment so we developed our own payment module to fit this requirement and improve user experience

How we did it?

1. Collection of potential issues

2. Creation of technical requirements

3. Research of current solutions

4. Development of own user experience

5. Development of own payment module

6. Implementation of an agile approach to deal with the application


We created our own payment module which helped us save the customer time

We optimized both technical and business requirements to ensure the best user experience

We configured a lean-based process of collecting feedback to find a permanent improvement for the app


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