Get Reinvented
  1. Our team is playing a role of CTO for the client.
  2. The platform was developed step by step with gradually added functinalities that extended the logic of the client's business.
  3. A great advantage of the work with us was a communication regardless timezones - as many of our clients, this one was based in CA, the USA.
Results of joint work

Flexibility of the team. The client was very attentive to the details, so we had to rewrite the documentation many times and introduce changes to the project. We did not put any limits to the wishes of the client, and in the end she got her perfect result.


So in the end we got not only the next perfectly completed project, but also an extremely satisfied customer. We were also satisfied because as a bonus our customer agreed to become a representative of our company in the territory of northern California.

Online fitness platform

When it comes to serious work, it is not enough to have resources and staff, it is also important to have enough motivation. Why? Something can go wrong, and not every person can rise and go on to the goal. Even if the goal is really worthwhile.

Something like this happened to our client. Half a year ago a young businessman came to us, the startup of which was based on a good idea and great ambitions. Unfortunately, she had a negative experience working with representatives of outsourcing companies who managed to derail all the terms and in the end still provide an unfinished product. As a result, the project seems to have been launched, but no success was observed. Later she came to us via the recommendation. What happened next? We will tell with pleasure.

The essence of our client's idea this time was in a sports start-up. It's about personal fitness training. Its peculiarity includes a specially developed system, with a specific diet and 15 training sessions.
The client needs a business product, after an official launch of which will need to be monitored and adjusted only occasionally. Thus, the product must be completely autonomous, and the admin panel must have extremely wide functionality.
After a serious brainstorming session team SpdLoad together with the client concluded that the needed MVP must have a website, hardware and application for mobile devices.
In addition to the technical part, representatives of our team presented to the customer options for strategies to enter the market and promote the business in the future.

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