• Reaching a bigger number of clients;
  • Minimization of revenue due the higher volume of customers;
  • The client had the portal before but it was unscalable, was unusable UI.


The project allows people who don’t have enough time to visit fitness centers keeping them in a good shape by exercising at home and receiving trainer's recommendations, training and nutrition guides, staying under trainer's control all the time.

There is also a stimulating program inside the project which helps people to lift their ambitions up.


The family pair who works in the biggest high technology international companies. She has solid experience as a fitness trainer and also understands what problems San Francisco Bay companies' employees have in their personal lives. He supports her with the technical background as he is a developer.


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Comfortable working relationships as our team was on the contact all the time regardless the client is located in San Francisco and we are in Ukraine;

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The automatization of sales, reporting, analyzing processes;

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Unique tools to increase sales efficiency;

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Successful prelaunch and launch of the product;

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Outcome reduction - currently only one manager spends 4 hours per day to maintain the processes.

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The project was launched earlier than expected what gave the client an opportunity to add small features and adjustments;

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The mobile application which helps the client to cover bigger key audience and makes the venture more user-friendly and flexible;


  • The website was redesigned and built form the scratch with the addition of new features;
  • The mobile app was developed as an extension of the project to become more user-friendly;
  • Many marketing and administrative tools were automated and optimized: online payment system, referral system, mailing, reporting, analytics. The only thing that left for the client to handle was customer support and communication.