1. The client was provided with an experienced Ph.D. level developers who managed to develop the high speed video algorithms.
2. Besides of the development of the algorightms, the client received the development of management plarform for the software.
3. During the A/B testing the developer consulted the client and optimized the work of algorithms according to market needs.

Results of the work done

With regard to the benefits that our client received from cooperation with us, we can say the following:

  • The client received a high-tech product of high level, which in fact does not need additional support.
  • The flexibility and speed of the team were amazing: the team gathered and did the work in a very short time.
  • High level of specialization of employees of SpdLoad team, who not only could master a complex subject of narrow focus, but also cope with the task perfectly.

The received product exceeded our expectations. It not only removes traces of weathering on the move, but also operates at high speed - 40 FPS. In addition, the software has a high resolution: 1k and 2k. But this is not the end. Thanks to our cross platform solution, this software supports Linux, Windows, Embedded hardware and mobile app.

Software for improving the quality of photos and videos

The essence of cooperation

Initially, it was about a product that can improve the quality of photos and video when shooting in real time. In the process of work, SpdLoad allocated for this project a team consisting of 3 Ph.D. and 1 doctor of science. The team conducted the project through the research and development stage. In addition, special algorithms were created, the purpose of which was to eliminate the natural noise during the shooting.

The resulting software can be implemented as needed in hardware, the purpose of which is to perform high-quality shooting.

What is our product do:

  • Elimination the precipitations from images, such as fog, snow and rain, as well as dust.
  • Removal of sun-scorched areas from photographs.
  • Clarification of photos and videos that were made in the dark.

All this software does not distort colors and do not lose photo's quality.

These guys are crazy!! For 2 month they can connect 7 developers, 3 of them with P.Hd. graduated and 1 doctor. We developed own approach and got the world faster software!

If you suddenly found the need for a new high-tech product - do not hesitate to contact us immediately. The company SpdLoad works to make your dreams and ideas come true, putting your needs first!

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