The internal management of storage facilities in big retail companies, actually, appears complicated. They maintain hefty amounts of production which has to be distributed all around their shops, additionally, acquiring new production from factories. That is why even extended product management system will always have desirable ways to be automated or optimized by modern technologies such as Machine Learning.


SpdLoad covers needs for top retailers and big manufacturing & storing companies in the area of:
- Business Analysis;
- UX/UI design;
- Development of AI systems for voice and sound recognition or voice management tools for internal facilities, analytical tools based on the same technology.

Voice storage management

Benefits of working with us:
- We have a broad and unique experience in the development of AI algorithms and engines which can be integrated into the internal business processes of companies;
- We provide services that help our clients to automate, optimize and simplify their routine tasks, though, save time and costs on usual manual activities and delegate them to machines;
- Our solution is applicable to various business cases where manufacturers cope with big volumes of production, multiple staff members and distributed network of shops.
- Our team has taken part in the development of voice management system for one of our permanent clients:

Voice management system for storage facility

This voice recognition and command software was developed for our client - a big automation and security integrator. He wanted to implement it into the storage facilities of his clients in order to automate the process of management of items. Previously the client hasn’t worked with voice recognition problematics.
Our CTO, who has more than 20 years of experience in the development of AI software and highload databases which are often used by retailers, directly worked on the project. We developed the software which recognizes voice commands and sends the to operational nodes for decision making.
The solutions that we developed is scalable and can be easily integrated to another customer of our client. That was the main requirement to the solution, it has to be as scalable and integrative for other retailers as possible.
From the technical point of view, it is created on Python with libraries for voice recognition.

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