Purchase and drawing tickets, bets on sport events and tickets auctions have long been a lucrative business, because people like to rest and are prone to excitement. Imagine how this excitement grows during the finales, when it becomes extremely hard to get a ticket because of an agiotage. This problem grounds the need for marketplaces where you can make bets and speculate tickets legally, thus, gaining revenue for yourself and bringing emotions to those who needs. Such platforms require high performance in the work, reliability and integrability with different 3rd party APIs what makes them a true ensemble in front of a user.


SpdLoad provides business analysis to study the demand of the market, the amounts which have to be operated and defines the detailed requirements for ticket auctions. After the research, we develop custom web application for B2C.

Web application development for sport events tickets purchase

- BA department which contributes to the initial stage of product development with market insights and advantages over competitors;

- Successfully realized projects in the field of sport, booking which knowledge forms a niche expertise;

- Web app development with the usage of lean development and high and low level programming languages;

- Continuous project support and improvement.

Now, we are developing the project concerned with sport. Our client has a business of distribution of tickets to the final matches of NFL, NHL, NBA. It is impossibly hard to get such kind of tickets, however, the client can provide an unlimited amount of them. Thus, he decided to build a marketplace for trading and drawing of tickets.

The client tried to launch the product twice but he was working with teams which didn’t have a BA so there was no person to specify the logic and monetization flow. Contrariwise our team suggested a scope of new features and 3 models of monetization after a thorough investigation. The client accepted 2 of them.

The development had a pressed term so we gathered a team of 5 which realized an MVP in 1.5 month and first subscribers started coming. At the moment, we continue working on the launch of the product with new functionalities.

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