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How can we start a business

Building startup requires many efforts from the owner. Besides, every executive should realize that the process is based on implementing best tools for startups growth’s increase. SpdLoad can offer solutions for startups, which are concerned with different spheres that can be important for the new business setting - management, development, analysis and high technology implementations.

First, SpdLoad company provides solutions for security for startups. Basically, projects that our team develops are based on technical standards that are included in programming languages that we use. If the client requires more complicated security solution, we can deliver it to him by building holistic server sides, automated systems, and websites that are connected to safe servers.

All products and services startups need are delivered according to project plans. Before every project starts, our management team works with product requirements and create a scope. After the discussion with a client, a scope is used as a basic document. A scope makes any project more clarified and specific, it can reveal holes in a business logic.

SpdLoad provides services for startups both based in marketing and development fields. We can deliver holistic development solutions, which include back- and front-end part, business analysis, and testing. Recently we have started a new service that could be positioned as a complex software solution. The only requirement to the client is to have an idea. Other tasks will be done by us.

Besides web part, SpdLoad has its own subsidiary, which comes with the development of high-tech solutions and is ready to deliver innovative services for startups that are going to start their activity in Computer Vision and Data Science, Neural Networks. Our scientists are skilled in statistics, wavelet analysis, time series. We can offer our expertise in audio, video and image recognition, computer vision and forecasting.

Moreover, SpdLoad gives startups an advantage to receive marketing solutions. We make a business research for startups and give them a particular marketing advice on their problem. Own experience in building and expanding our company helps to answer the most frequent client question “How can we start a business”. Don’t hesitate to ask the same and read what important for investors

Application domain

Our clients are small startups. The typical portrait of our client - a successful entrepreneur with the number of workers from 1-10. As well as projects that are in search of investments.
WP allows you to develop MVP and working demo of your idea quickly and several times cheaper. The idea that carries monetization and ready for delivery to the investor.

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