Why an SEO audit is so important

Every website owner wants to see it at the beginning of search results page. It can be easy if you keep a good SEO strategy, so here are some tips for everyone, who wants to improve it.

Look at your current situation
At first, analyze your site. It is very bad if it doesn’t work or collects not enough traffic but if it is generating traffic all the time, your SEO is good. Always look for errors which affect on your SEO. Even small things can affect the final result.

Look for rivals
Looking after some competitors will show if you don’t do something or what you can do to overtake them. This strategy is confirmed by a very good proverb: "Do not try to find where your opponent is strong, but look for where the opponent is weaker than you."
Unfortunately, there are many sites that use SEO strategy against you. As a punishment, Google can reduce the traffic of your site.

Stay informed
Nowadays, search algorithms develop every minute and you should look after the latest changes. If you make so you will be able to improve ranking and see what can be improved or stopped.

Clean everything
Over time, too many low-quality links are created and this affects your site ranking. To avoid this problem, you should periodically clean profile. Try to hire a good company, like SpdLoad.

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