How does the web based testing look like?

Web based QA is one of the most advanced ways to check the status and the way of performing of the current software. With it, you can also see the benefits of a program in comparison with its previous versions. In fact, when it comes to software inspection, it deals with detecting errors, problems and regressions by carrying out routine actions. Thus, developers save a lot of money, which they would pay to fix the shortcomings if the product still hit the market in its raw state.

The process of quality testingis directly related to management methods, because it alone saves time, resources and equipment for developers and customers.
Automated qa testing is to some extent involved in all projects. However, it is worth noting that the use of automation itself does not protect the product from errors. This function is performed by software testing. The lack of automation will lead to more significant waste of all resources, while its competent use will be of great benefit.

According to the statistics released by the Systems Sciences Institute at IBM, the price of fixing the shortcomings revealed after the official release exceeds the cost of its elimination during development in 4-5 times. This shows the importance of conducting quality assurance.

How is web application testing performed?

Full process runs through 6 main steps, which are described below.

  • Functional Inspecting The essence of this stage is reduced to checking the functionality of the software for the presence of declared functions and compliance with the initially outlined requirements. In other words, what the application does and why. To do this, during the entire web application testing, an imitation of the future product is in process, in order to create conditions of use that are as close to reality as possible and to check for compliance with the requirements of ordinary users.
  • Usability Inspecting In addition to the previous step, this type should include a user experience. For its full-fledged holding enterprise invites users both from and out of the company, and conducts QA under expert supervision.
  • Interface Testing This stage of is necessary to verify the correspondence between the server interaction and users’ requirements. In addition, at this stage, check whether the system error notices appear correctly.
  • Compatibility Investigation Many consider this step to be the main one in the process, since no application will work if it is incompatible with devices and browsers.
    As for the devices, the check refers to adequate work with various operating systems such as iOS or Android. If we are talking about browsers, then the essence of web application testing is reduced to checking the correct functionality and displaying notifications and requests. In addition to checking on browsers, you also need to make sure that different versions of the same browsers work correctly with the program.
  • Performance testing The subject of verification at this stage is the level of system performance at high loads. Server load testing software will show how it will work with different Internet speed indicators, how it will recover from stresses and also show the ultimate strength.
  • Security Inspection The final stage of the process. It is important to check the product for protection from viruses and unwanted intrusions.
How and why should you write mvp test scenario?

The quality control stage of any product is always recorded in the relevant documentation. The mvp test script contains several standard and alternative versions of events during the verification of the software. The scenarios in question contain a specialized description of the actions performed and the expected software response. They are used to track the process of manual checking of the various types described above.

With the passage of time, the requirements for conducting mvp test can change. This should be immediately displayed in the documents, as they are then compiled into the life cycle of each application.
During the process, the specialist who does this should mark the passage of each step or the entire script as a whole, and also attach data about the detected errors, such as screenshots or dumps.

Why should you order a software or a start up QA from the SpdLoad team?

There is one thing that very few people are able to understand from the first time. Interference with time arise even in the work of the most perfectly designed software. The most common problems occur with the preservation of new data, the refusal to run or perform any functions, or the application simply hinders and hangs. In the event that the other products work in a coordinated manner, and the Internet here also has nothing to do, you need to contact the specialists of SpdLoad.

The capabilities of our company will help to conduct a full QA of the product. We can conduct it at each stage of the work, and this will show all the development gaps that could already be allowed. As already mentioned, all errors should be corrected at first, until they turn into a hard-to-fix problem.

Each application can have different ways of interacting with different devices and browsers, so that when you really want to find all the shortcomings, you must choose the right tools and parameters. With the help of high technologies and qualified specialists, it is possible to bring the software to the required level. So do not hesitate and order testing in SpdLoad!

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