Dashboard designs

What is important?

What is important?

Most modern web sites have a so-called content management system, by the way, we wrote about it in the previous sections. This is some kind of closed part of the site, which can be seen only under special access and it is necessary in order to reduce the budget for product support. It makes it possible to fill the site with content, manage the goods and perform various manipulations without technical skills.

There is an opportunity to buy a ready-made template in html for 20 dollars and use it, but then you have to adjust all your processes and tasks to a standard scheme.

If the issue of the admin panel can be solved with a ready-made template in html, although it is not desirable, the user part requires a professional dashboard design and moreover, taking into account previous tendencies, a mobile version will be needed since this affects the loyalty of your users and the conversion of free users in paid ones. Especially if we talk about CRM.

When choosing a contractor for this service, be sure to specify if you will be provided with prototypes before showing the final face. This will save you a significant part of the budget.

We offer our customers quality ux as a separate service and a comprehensive solution of the problem in the context of the whole project. The advantages of ordering a website dashboard design at Spdload are:

  • a dedicated team of business analysts, prototypists and designers;
  • implemented about 30 projects on dashboard ui design;
  • the work is divided into stages, such as – the primary prototype – testing with the user – prototype – design.

Our approach

Our approach

Effective ux/ui for admin panel is determined by how quickly you can learn to use the admin part and time spent on the operation itself. This all merges into a single concept of a ui, how easily and quickly a person can understand the new system.

We also provide our customers with tutorials on how the system will work and how to use it. Basically in dashboard designs a lot of logic is laid and for this reason it is extremely not recommended to buy cheap templates, but it is necessary to order this service from professionals.

You can order professional services for application as well as CRM by contacting the contacts listed on our website.