Landing pages designs

Landing pages designs

Landing pages designs

To generate better leads for customer our company aims to follow some rules. The first rule of landings is including lead generation forms into the page. The page should consist of the most valuable information about your business that can persuade lead to stay. However, if he stays where will he leave his contacts? Lead generation form is an obligatory element, which makes user capable of getting in touch.

The second priority for lead generation page is a form-scraping tool, which we could suggest to you. When the user fills a contact form, you need to gather all the information about him and fill it to the database. It will be more useful to contain all contacts in one place and use them later like a base of targeted business leads who potentially can turn into the customer.

When you need optimization for a website, lead generation could become your salvation. Landing pages contain call-to-action buttons that differ on primary and secondary importance. CTAs have to display the sense of landing page.

Gated forms and offers are also tips that our team uses to build a high-performance lead generation website. Including this forms and offers into a landing page also causes lead’s action. As landing bring some information to the user, it also has to have a possibility to do something with this info.

Finally, online lead generation requires pop-ups. Pop-ups add experience to user’s time on the land page and make their actions more triggered.

SpdLoad as a landing page design agency can develop landings for B2B projects that will increase conversion rate. We have a solid experience in building a full cycle web solutions hence when clients want to buy landing page design and come to us and say “Increase traffic to my website” we gladly take this task because we feel confident about creating landing pages designs according to described tips and client requirements. Our team is also experienced in wordpress landing page design as well as mobile landing page.

So, feel free to contact us in case you need to attract more customers to your website.