Website UI redesign

It is logical that a product which has been made 5 years ago will not be as effective as a completely new one. In the interface design environment, there are also trends, which switch every 2-3 years. Consequently, like the entire system as a whole, interface also requires changes.

How does it work?

Under website redesign we, at Spdload, mean a procedure for deliver the appearance of frontend components, markup or pages without changing the backend functionality. With the redesign only the appearance transformation and for several reasons our team considers this procedure as mandatory:

  • Obsolete interfaces cause hostility and in time can not only stop attracting new customers, but also start scare off permanent ones;
  • Secondly, it is relevant, since it is necessary to make constant improvements to the user experience, which will increase the conversion. Besides, after website redesign SEO will be also transformed what we know is the main factor of conversion increase. In the majority of cases new SEO tags and metadata will be required;
  • Also, with improved front-end components, the technical characteristics of the portal are improved. It means that the speed of work of a web application can be increased.

Quite often our team hears that WordPress website redesign is needed by a platform, because it was originally launched with this CMS because of small budget on the start, cheap design templates were used. But few people understand that you are not the only one who buys such a piece. Therefore, with the formation of primary capital after a launch, it will be wise to differentiate from competitors with a website redesign price of which we set depending on required changes.

Step by step

If you are reading this article and you feel that you are no longer so confident about your site, then connect us via contacts that you will see in the footer. We will share our experience with you and offer you not just a new design as some website redesign company do but a holistic solution which will relief you from a need to talk to other companies to finish frontend or fix issues:

  1. Business analysis of the current interface including with the analysis of competitors and UI/UX.
  2. Prototyping the new interface.
  3. Creating a new interface, creation of layout.
  4. Development of the frontend of the logic for the platform with subsequent testing.

        Finally, keep in mind that 60% of world’s population are visuals. Therefore, they percept the information mostly with their eyes and the better web face they will see the more probability there is that they will come to you.

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