API development for business

Where to use api development

Speaking of the first case, we develop a website with this technology in order to reduce the load on the server and to scale the project more easily. It's not a secret for anyone that the profitability of a business depends not only on sales growth. Customers can buy your product, subscribe to it, but if your costs on server content, development are equal to your sales, or even higher, this could hardly be a success. In order to avoid this, we use custom api development. The huge advantage of this approach is that it greatly saves the budget for the making and support of your mobile application on  iOS or Android since we use the common aproach.

By the way, it is important to mention for deliver of websites we use the most popular and top-end technologies: Laravel and React JS. For example, in recent versions of Laravel, custom api development is much simpler, which directly reduces your budget.

Other side of moon

The second, fundamentally different niche is the construction of the so-called external application programming interface, whereby third-party stuff and companies can connect to your product. Offering the client its services, we first of all think how your business will earn. And a separate tool of earning here is a web api.

In this service we perform a full range of work from building an architecture to creating detailed documentation for connecting and describing the work of custom api. There are technical writers in-house and we can perform work on a turnkey basis.

A very important factor, worth mentioning, is that in our company we strictly divided the developers of the server part and developers of interfaces. In the first place, it is possible to do this through api development. What does this mean for you? - improving the quality of the project. Everyone knows that a specialist should be an expert in one thing and this one is ideal. So at Spdload the specialists who develop the server part and the experts who build the interface are different people.

The third important factor why it is necessary to order a custom application programming interface

, this time for development. Since 2 developers participate, the delivery time of the solution is reduced by 2 times.

Well, by itself, the price does not change, if the website was developed by 1 full-stack developer, it would take just twice as much time but the same number of hours to billing.

And so, let's sum up how our API development service can help you:

  • reduce server maintenance costs;
  • reduce costs of optimization and improvement of the website;
  • decrease product delivery time;
  • increase the quality and speed of your product.

If you are interested in this service, please contact the contacts indicated in the footer.

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