API integration for web

Reasons why you need web api integration

Api integration is used to reduce the budget for custom web building. In simple terms, it is the cooperation of your custom web with a number of foreign products on mutually beneficial terms. Using third party providers, you do not need to write everything from scratch every time and moreover you can scale your deal very quickly using custom api integration. With the example of the most basic option - registration in the custom web system, SpdLoad will show you the advantage of this service. The user often does not want to fill in the registration fields, but you really need to get his data. It is easier to get them from the social network. The benefits that you get with custom web api integration from SpdLoad:

-    reduction of development expenses;

-    process acceleration;

-    increasing conversion of leads to customers due to fewer clicks.

By the way, you can not only connect third party systems but also create your own ones and sell them. To do this, you simply need to analyze the monotonous operations in the niche, automate them and make your custom application programming interface.

What web api integration you can order from SpdLoad

To automate your commerce and reduce development costs, we offer the following services for third party api integration

  1. Mailing systems - a third party api for letter threads that allows you to raise the conversion of sales on your site.
  2. Logging in via social networks - reduces the number of clicks for the user and gives you more data about the user than regular registration.
  3. Payment process - full automation of your accountant and receipt of money from customers.
  4. Google products - a lot of free assistance that facilitate navigation and use of your website.
  5. Data Warehouses - allow you to speed up the time of processing information.
  6. Search engine - will greatly simplify navigation and search on your site
  7. Feedback complex - reviews from independent sources significantly increase the credibility of your product.

This is not a complete list of third party for connecting the application programming interface that we can offer. For detailed information or an assessment of your project, please call or write to us.

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