CMS development

Advantages of cms application development

In order to easily manage the content of your web site, you need a content management system. At the moment, the choice of content managment app is huge and the possibilities are also huge. It is difficult to dispute the shortcomings of the ready systems, taking into account the fact that the price for them is several times lower than the custom CMS, but it is necessary to pay attention to a number of factors.

  • rapid extensibility and scalability of your business;
  • higher protection level;
  • higher system speed;
  • more flexible settings;
  • nothing needless, only necessary functionality.

These are not hollow words, the strongest and logical argument is that the readymade system is free or cheap. Developers earn on mass sale. Consequently, they want to satisfy the needs of the largest number of people. And this means that using the ready content management system for the sale of the tool, you get additional functionality for selling a coat and a dozen of unnecessary functionality. This all slows down the work, development and increases the number of vulnerabilities.

A very important factor is that you don’t need to have a large budget to order a custom CMS. Over the years of our work we have collected a large number of our achievements and can safely call ourselves development company.

Our experience

We have about 6 years of experience in cms application development. The company services are suitable for various types of projects such as

  • CMS for ecommerce
  • Marketplace
  • Saas solution
  • corporate website

As usual, we begin our work with requirements analysis in order to collect the most optimal and useful structure for our client. We create prototypes and by the way offer services - dashboard ui design. The main principle that we follow is a component approach that allows you to quickly create functionality for your needs.

If you want to get help on any questions related to the company, then contact us for a free advice on the issues that interest you.

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