PayPal API integration

Paypal integration api

When ordering a project from SpdLoad, you can be sure that you will have a reliable payment system. Most often we use paypal integration. With it you will get next benefits :

  • 100% money-back guarantee for the buyer, in cases of poor service;
  • 100% guarantee of payment for the seller;
  • Time of receiving payment tends to zero, you see money on the account almost at once
  • Low commission compared to traditional bank transfer.

Agree that these reasons are more than enough to order this service from SpdLoad.

How can we help

We help our clients with worldpay api integration for such projects as

  1. Purchase in e-commerce
  2. Accept payment on marketplace.
  3. Subscription for SaaS.

Since our team works mainly with PHP, the integration of the PayPal API can be either one of the tasks of the whole project, or an independent task for paypal api integration in php. By the way, an important factor is that the work in Laravel (the framework with which we work) that is maximally sharpened for work with the PayPal API.

Connection of the payment system can be a simple task for 6 hours, or a whole challenge for several weeks of work. For example, we can make fully automatic settlements with your suppliers and customers, thereby saving your budget for these operations.

Let’s look the already typical task of the application programming interface for marketplace. At your site, sellers exhibit services with monthly payment, and buyers use these services. Your system will automatically remove the monthly fee from the buyers' cards and automatically distribute the income of the seller and the marketplace. In addition to this you can order the development of ERP and all accounting will also be automated.

Thus, once you pay for paypal api integration, you automate a huge piece of your work and greatly simplify the work on your site for vendors and buyers.

If you need a consultation, you can call us on the phone indicated in the footer, the consultations are always free, don’t be shy.

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