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The Timeline’s Decomposition: Website Design and Development

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Everyone has a motive of accomplishing their dream as early as possible in life.

If you want to accomplish your goal faster, you need to make some smart decisions for it. And nothing is smarter than having a remarkable website for your business.

Most people with a website idea have a common question “how long does it take to build a website?”

Well, there is no perfect or fixed answer to this as different websites need different features and functionality. And based on these features, the time to launch the website varies.

Moreover, the resources used for website development also decide the time required.

For instance, if you are using a website builder, the website will be ready in a couple of hours.

On the other hand, if you are giving this task to a professional or a development partner, it may take weeks or even months.

In the following article, we will take a closer look at the factors that affect the time of building a website.

So, let’s roll!

How Much Time Is Required to Design and Build a Website?

The website building process will go through various stages if you are getting it built from a technical partner.

The project discovery phase, design phase, development phase, and many others form a part of the process. And all of them take their dedicated time.

Here is an estimate of the average time to create a website as far as designing and development are concerned.

Type Design Development Overall
Landing Page 40  Hours 40 Hours 80 Hours
Corporate site 60 Hours 80 Hours 140 Hours
Simple Web App 120 Hours 480 Hours 600 Hours
Average Web App 200 Hours 960 Hours 1160 Hours
Complex Web App 300 Hours 1500 Hours 1800 Hours

As listed above, there are websites and web apps. Both of these vary based on a number of factors, and one of them is the time of development.

Websites and landing pages take less time as the number of features in these are less.

On the other hand, web apps such as Youtube or SaaS platforms like Canva take more time as they are packed with top-end features.

Moreover, web apps have additional functionality as compared to websites.

Factors That Influence Average Time to Create a Website

When you will go out and ask a development partner how long does it take to design a website? You will never get a dedicated time frame.

As there are countless aspects in a website to take care of, one needs to analyze all of them before promising a duration.

Let’s take a look at the aspects that affect the average time to create a website!

1. The Goal of a Website

The key aspect that you need to check with the founder is his or her goal behind the creation of the site.

Goal Description
Lead generation The end goal of almost every corporate website is marketing.

If you are having a digital marketing agency or a software development agency, you will need a website to showcase your services and garner clients.

A website with the goal of marketing will take less time as it will not need any type of special customization. Moreover, user interaction with such websites is also limited.

A perfect example of a “marketing” site, our own site. Here you can read an in-depth guide about website redesign process and cost.

Web apps The core motive of a web app is to provide the user with the required utility by interacting with it.

Web apps can easily run on any browser and are easy to maintain. They are cross-browser-friendly. Hence, they can take more time for building.

For instance, Google Docs is a web app that allows you to edit, share and download docs.

Youtube allows you to watch, save, download and upload videos.

Udemy has a plethora of courses that you can take and learn.

These web apps take months and plenty of UX redesign iterations to create as they have more features and require more user interaction.

The proper answer on how long does it take to build a website first of all depends on the goal of a project

2. The Complexity of Business Logic

The second critical factor that affects how long does it take to build a website is complexity. Now, the complexity of the site or a web app is dependent on various factors like:

Factor Description
Number of roles The number of roles in a website or a web app highly affects the cost and time needed to build it.

  • For a website:

For instance, a website will have 1 or 2 roles.

One will be the user who may send a request form. The other one will be the admin or the owner of the site, who will respond to that mail.

Both will have different permissions to access site data. For example, the user can only read the information.

However, the admin can read as well as revise the content as per will.

  • For a web app:

On the other hand, a web app can have multiple roles.

For instance, Trello, a work management tool, can be used by various users at the same time. Users have different access rights, which means multiple roles.

An app like Trello that has multiple roles can take around 4 months.

Number of features If any factor significantly affects the time taken to build a site, then it is the number of features it has.

  • For a web app:

Web apps are mostly eCommerce apps, eLearning apps, Social networks, or management tools.

These web apps are integrated with special features that elevate the cost and time to build the app.

For example, AirBnb is a web app that has features like house listings, location, search function, payment gateways, etc.

All of these are top-end features that increase the cost of building the app. A web app like AirBnB may take around 6 months to complete.

GetReinvented is an online fitness platform developed by Spdload. The web app was developed in 1200 hours.

It has various features like video on demand, payment via PayPal and Braintree, and many more!

  • For a website:

A website, on the other hand, may also have countless features.

For instance, if you are selling a solution via your website like antivirus software, it will require a payment gateway which will consume more time.

A 10-15 pages site might be ready in a few days or weeks, or months. It all depends on the site features and their complexity.

As an example, you can check the website redesign case study undertaken by Spdload.

It took us six months to redesign the entire website. We integrated various fresh features into it.

Complexity of feature The answer to how long does it take to build a website is not solely dependent on the number of features. It also depends on how complex the feature is.

Here are some factors that increase the complexity of the feature:

  • Amount of data to use:

When it comes to data usage, the app or site needs to be optimized. However, there are some features that increase data consumption.

Features like in-app purchases, in-app ads, video playbacks on the site, etc., boost data usage.

Playing an HD video on Youtube consumes more data. Hence, the utility of HD playback in a web app will require more development time.

If your site has more videos, it will surely increase the amount of data used.

  • The number of integrations:

Integration in a web app or a site can be of various types.

For instance, in the case of eCommerce web apps, you need to integrate payment gateways for accepting payments.

The more the number of gateways, the more complex the app will be. Thus, more will be the development time.

Maps integrations are required in a corporate site to help the clients find the offices easily. This will again up the time needed to develop a site.

Hence, the complexity of the feature affects the answer to how long does it take to design a website.

To answer how long does it take to design a website in a detailed way require understanding of business logic

The Level of the Team Involved

The expertise of the team you have also affected the time required to build a site. No matter if you are building a site or a web app, you will need the following members in your team!

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Markup Developer
  • Backend developer
  • Frontend developer
  • Tester
  • Marketer

The website building process goes through various phases if you have hired a professional agency to do the job for you.

Our team is a product development boutique that undertakes the following procedure:

  1. Discovery Phase. All the factors that affect the answer to how long does it take to design a website are analyzed in this phase. The phase leads to the formulation of a plan that needs to be put in action for making a top-notch website. It is usually 2 weeks.
  2. Design Phase. The design phase of the site-building process takes most of the time. 53% of users consider the aesthetics of the site to be a factor for customer retention. Hence, it is necessary to allow time here. You need to allow at least six weeks to this.
  3. Development Phase. The coding phase of the site takes around three weeks if the site is simple and you have a professional team. In contrast, it may also take months if the site is complex.
  4. Review or Modification period. This phase of the website building process takes around two weeks. It can be less or more based on the number of stakeholders. If the stakeholders are more, the volume of input is also more, and so will be the time.
  5. Migration and Launch. There is no fixed time for this. It is entirely dependent on the review period of the site. Once the user is satisfied with the output, you can roll out the site.

On an overall basis, we can say that a website will take a minimum 2 – 4 weeks to build. If the specifications for the site are more (more complex), it may even take more time.

Finally, the average time to create a website based on expertise and experience of a team engaged

Interesting to Read More about Website Design and Development?

Well, you have a brief idea about the average time to create a website, right!

If you want to learn more about the design and development of a website, you can refer to our detailed guides as mentioned below.

All these guides specifically focus on the site-building process:

1. How much does it cost to build a website from scratch? The in-depth overview of the development process and cost for different types of websites and web apps.

2. How much does it cost to build a website for a small business? The complex guide in corporate website development (with case study).

3. How much does it cost to design a website? An ultimate overview of factors  (the cost spreadsheet included).

Or feel free to contact us to get the personal quote and find out the timeline of website development together with the SpdLoad team.

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