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We're a startup product development team that will make sure your idea is the next unicorn.

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Startup founders


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3 key values that make us the best choice for developing your startup from scratch

  • Network of Investors

    We have a large network of investors that allow our clients to raise money quickly. When you build your business with us, we make sure your product is up to all necessary standards.

  • x2 Faster Development

    To make you faster-on-market we created a ready-made development kit. It significantly speeds up development, save budget and make your product more flexible.

  • Focus on Product-Market Fit

    Before development, we validate an idea in a code-free way. It helps us to build proved, market-driven product to achieve product-market fit faster and cheaper.

Projects we’re worked on

Mental Health EHR
MedPortal is a healthcare software to help doctors track status of mental health of patients
Telemedicine app
DocKids is a design concept of a complex telemedicine app. It includes web and mobile platforms for both doctors and patients.
Medical Appointments App
MedCabinet is a medical appointment app. It helps to schedule a visit to doctor in two clicks and avoid long-run queues.
Music Prediction App
Noticesound is an AI solution to predict how successful user's music would become
AI Startup Prediction Platform
Incumato is an AI-based platform for investors to evaluate viability of startups.
Chat Widget for e-Commerce
Connexzion is a chat solution to significantly boost conversion rates of your e-commerce.
HR Management Platform
Blue Academy is a solution focuses on improvement HR management in enterprise companies
Event Ticketing Platform
Funlocka is a mobile app for buying tickets. This app aims to make the purchase easy for events, that make an ideal match for the user
Event Ticketing Platform
Eventnoire is a platform to connect event hosts and guests. Using this platform, you could easily organize event or buy a ticket to interesting event
Quick Payment App
Smartpolka is a low cost alternative to Amazon Go. This product is built around the technology of instant payments using QR codes.
Live Video Streaming App
VideoNext is a famous desktop product for video streaming in security niche. Our team helped to create both web and mobile apps.
Wishlist App
MyWishApp is a
Fitness Platform
GetReinvented is a fitness platform. This is a training streaming platform with advanced and gamificied UX.
CRM for Healthcare
Gal Or X-Ray is a custom CRM for a small network of dental hospitals. This platform helps to increase productivity and reach to business goals.
Redesign of SpdLoad website
In this case study we'd like to share how we work on our own website redesign project of SpdLoad.
Marketing of SpdLoad
In this case study we'd like to share how we launched and scaled marketing of SpdLoad.
eLearning App
GetCangelo is a mobile eLearning app designed to streamline knowledge exchange between students and tutors in a user-friendly way.
Landing Page of a Web App
Brandly is a landing page design we've done for a MarTech startup.
Real Estate
Accounting Software
QLoop is a custom accounting system for a real estate agency.
Marketplace for consulting services
PCS is a is a marketplace for matching between consultants and seekers.

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Why international startups choose us?

Our satisfied customers will say the best of it.

Colleagues from SpdLoad highly effective and easy to collaborate with. I am satisfied to work with them. They helped us to develop our MVP in 6 months in a complex and stressful situation.

Johannes Ehrhardt

Blue Academy
Play video by Johannes Ehrhardt

Working with SpdLoad was highly beneficial. The projects were high-quality. Their team was exceptional at communication as well as understanding and helpful. Their technical expertise spurred future engagement.

Mikhail Menshinskiy

Play video by Mikhail Menshinskiy

SpdLoad’s enthusiasm for the project stands out, along with their technical expertise, streamlined communication, and customer focus. The site has received positive feedback for its simple and intuitive UI, and beta testing yielded few issues. These qualities have contributed to superior results.

Kate Strulova

Get Reinvented
Play video by Kate Strulova

SpdLoad developed the CRM dashboard of the B2B2C marketplace using ReactJS. The team has significantly expanded its functionality, so we decided to collaborate on other projects as well.

Danny Djanogly

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How can I be sure that you will not copy my idea?
This is a common concern. And we have several arguments in this regard. Firstly, we always sign legal documents that confirm your rights to own all intellectual property. Secondly, our business is the development of other products. And thirdly, the successful projects of our clients are much more valuable confirmation that we are successfully managing our business.
How do you guarantee the quality of your services?
In order to process your request in a quality manner, we carry out fundamental preparatory work, during which you can communicate with the team and see how our processes work. During development, business and technical requirements are constantly monitored by team leaders. And to exclude the possibility of bugs, we test the application for a long time and hard so that your users do not experience any difficulties when using the platform.
How do I pay for your services?
Since we are a flexible team, we have different methods of cooperation. This is a project payment, and payment for the hours spent. We specify all payment details in the contract - transfer method, confirmation of receipt of payment, number of payments.
Who owns user information on my platform?
Everything concerning data about your platform or data about your platform belongs to you as a customer. To guarantee this, we will sign a service level agreement and a non-disclosure agreement.