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We provide full-service software development services for venture-backed startups and scale-ups targeting large markets.

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Chief technology

Why should startups partner with us?

Our team would like to talk about what benefits you, as a client, get from working with us. But our current clients have defined them more objectively.

  • Transparent processes and communication

    The process is really transparent and straightforward. We discussed all the details and confirmed features as one team.

    Timothy Bendt | Founder and CEO | GetCangelo

    I’ve appreciated their customer focus. I’ve found them trustworthy, which is a factor I bring to my own client relationships.

    Katya Strulova | Founder | GetReinvented

  • Team engagement in product development

    SpdLoad team contributed several valuable suggestions to improve our solution's technical aspects, which gave us a competitive advantage.

    Founder & COO | Medical Startup

    They understand our MVP goals based on the limited information provided.

    Ernestas Duzinas | Co-founder | Hirenest

  • Business-focused technology solutions

    SpdLoad is not just a company that does what you tell them to do and doesn’t care about your business. They do care, and that’s very important

    Lead Solution Architect | IT Company

    We didn’t have much experience creating something from anything, so we liked that they made suggestions and help achieve our vision.

    Andrei Kandratsenia | Project manager | Connexzion

When should we cooperate on your software product?

You are interested in developing a web or mobile app but haven't done it before and are now looking for a cost-effective provider of complete solutions.

You have experience outsourcing software development and are now looking for a reliable development partner ready to provide a turnkey software solution accordingly to your vision and business needs.

You are running a fast-growing startup and are now looking for development experts to expand your in-house software development team or develop new features.

Our featured projects

Check out our case studies in various fields:
e-commerce, healthcare, FinTech, MarTech, and more.

Can’t find a project that resonates with your vision?

Explore more case studies to find the expertise that fits your idea

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How do we work on product development?

We are the evangelists of the Agile development process when working on custom software development. Based on our experience, we've come up with 2 of the most customer-centric collaboration models.

Model 1: Development of a product from scratch

This is the perfect model if you want to develop a website, web application, mobile app, or both. We will assemble a fully dedicated team of designers, developers, and project managers to deliver a high-quality minimum viable product or feature-rich product.

Model 2: Assemble a team of dedicated developers accordingly to your requirements

This model will suit you if you already have an in-house team and want to expand your development capabilities or open a dedicated development center in Ukraine. You will work and manage the programmers directly, without the participation of our managers

Take a look at a few examples of MVP deliveries

  • User Experience design
  • Requirements documentation
  • Your software
UX design

User Experience design

At this stage, we will create a prototype - a rough version of how your solution will work but not look.

This will help get the requirements right and ensure we are on the same page.

It will also be used to suggest a technology stack and a solution architect.

As a result, you will have a detailed requirements document, a very accurate estimate, and a roadmap of the development lifecycle.

Project documentation

Requirements documentation

Once the team has a prototype, it will be able to provide you back with project documentation. It includes:

  • List of functions prioritized (backlog)
  • Iteration breakdown
  • Resource allocation/team setup

You'll be able to customize the development configuration and see the budget suggestions.

Solution definition

Your software

Once we're done with the planning and design, it's time to code. But it's pretty hard for a non-technical person to imagine what code means.

So think of it as part of the finished website or mobile app that you will have at the end of each development iteration until the project is finally done.

Take a look at developers' CVs

What services do we provide?

Discovery phase

We can help create a strong foundation for your startup by providing in-depth idea validation, business analysis, and defining your core values. It’s the initial step in the software development life cycle accordingly to Agile methodology. As a result, you’ll get a detailed project blueprint and a roadmap.

Learn more

UX/UI design

We build the top-level User Experience and lovely User Interface to make your product recognizable from the very start. The customer-focused UI/UX design gives you the potential to grow and engage more users dynamically.

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MVP development

We develop an MVP from scratch to help you find product-market fit in the real market. It's a fast and proven way to build a worthy product cheaply. We cover any kind of project: web apps and mobile app development, Android, iOS, or cross-platform.

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Hire dedicated developers

We will assemble a best-in-class dedicated team to meet your product's technical and business goals, including frameworks, APIs, and more. Developers from middle plus to architect level with at least 5 years of experience are waiting to join your development projects in real-time. We work with backend, frontend, and DevOps.

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What technologies and tools do we use?


App frameworks Laravel NodeJS Express
Databases MySQL Redis MongoDB
Hosting AWS Vultr
Server Nginx


IOS Swift
Android Kotlin
Cross-platform React


Languages: HTML5 CSS3 JS
Libraries: Vue.js React Nuxt.js

UI/UX Design

Main tool


Main tools

What do our customers say about us?

“SpdLoad has provided us with an excellent set of engineers, which were able to work on really complex problems and provide scalable solutions that will last for us for years.”

Anas Nakawa
Anas Nakawa
Co-founder, CTO ShortPoint UAE

“Firstly, they're very proactive working on the product. Secondly, they are transparent about the processes and costs. Thirdly, their designers are absolutely amazing.”

Gabriel Senftle
Gabriel Senftle
Founder Studicon Germany

“From the first meeting we realized that we will cooperate together. I've been working with external developers for ten years now and I can say that the SpdLoad team is one of the greatest teams out there.”

Omar Agely
Omar Agely
Product owner Rearden House UAE

“We engaged SpdLoad to develop and deploy a central business solution. I can say it was absolutely the right decision. It was a pleasure to work with the team on all levels!”

Colin Millward
Colin Millward
COO ResoX Singapore

“We brought them on to implement two startups. Their skills and professionalism are outstanding. I appreciate that they are engaged and communicative, but most of all, that there is no distance between us, even though I am in Chicago and the team is in Ukraine.”

Len Marchese
Len Marchese
Founder PCS USA

“Colleagues from SpdLoad highly effective and easy to collaborate with. I am satisfied to work with them. They helped us to develop our MVP in 6 months in a complex and stressful situation”

Johannes Ehrhardt
Johannes Ehrhardt
Co-founder Blue Academy Germany

“SpdLoad’s enthusiasm for the project stands out, along with their technical expertise, streamlined communication, and customer focus. The site has received positive feedback for its simple and intuitive UI, and beta testing yielded few issues.”

Kate Strulova
Kate Strulova
Founder Get Reinvented USA

“SpdLoad developed the CRM dashboard of the B2B2C marketplace using ReactJS. The team has significantly expanded its functionality, so we decided to collaborate on other projects as well”

Danny Djanogly
Danny Djanogly
CMO Dogiz Israel
Vadym Bondar
Founder and CEO MyWishApp Ukraine

I am very pleased with the work with the SpdLoad team. It seems that the Ukrainian software development market is very large, but it is very difficult to find a company that combines quality, speed and price at the highest level. SpdLoad is a company that always gives more than you expect. I recommend this team.

Niklas Nikolaidis
Founder Stackbeam Sweden

Thanks to the efforts of the SpdLoad team, the company was able to launch the project within six months of their initial engagement and the results were much better than what the company had originally planned. The company will work with the team again on similar projects.

Andrei Kandratsenia
Project manager Connexzion Cyprus

The work has been high quality from the SdpLoad team, leading to continued projects between the teams. Their useful insights even outside of their scope of work make them a great addition to the project. Customers can expect a knowledgeable, communicative team.

Timothy Bendt
Founder and CEO GetCangelo India

SpdLoad has delivered a high-quality app. They had been transparent and straightforward with their work. The platform is now supported by more than 10,000 students across India. Overall, the client had enjoyed their time together. They had accurately guided the client, as well.

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Have a question? Look here

How do you estimate the timeline for the project?

Our software project evaluation process consists of several steps:

  1. Gathering initial requirements

  2. Rough estimation.

    And if our project proposal and rough estimate make sense to you as a client, then we sign the NDA and all necessary documents and begin our collaboration.

    But the project evaluation is still ongoing to provide you with the clearest and most up-to-date numbers.

  3. Discovery Phase

  4. UX/UI design

  5. Final evaluation

  6. Continue work or revise of contract

    To avoid misunderstanding: the cost of discovery and UX/UI design phases are already included in the ballpark estimation.

    If the final estimation looks too high, there is always an option to cut some features or use a simpler, not-so-scalable solution.

    Finally, if the estimation of application development doesn't work well for you, there is always an option to use the results of discovery and design prototypes to raise funds with angel investors or small VCs.

What is the first step you take on a project?

The first step in a project is to learn more about your (customer's) software ideas, requirements, or expectations.

This will help us properly evaluate the project and ensure the smoothest and clearest communication possible.

What is your project management style?

As we said on the page above, we are Agile evangelists: flexible, customer-centric, and market-driven.

In other words, a product for us is a solution that competes with other existing solutions to be the best for the obvious and non-obvious pains of customers.

If your idea was to build a SaaS with automation and optimization features, but your co-founder discovered that your final users want to see blockchain, big data, or machine learning, we’ll surely follow your co-founder.

Not because we don’t like you, but because he or she talked to your final user, and don’t just imagine the product functionality.

Do you use contractors to do any work?

Nope. We’re a full-cycle agency that covers everything under one roof: design to quality assurance.

How many developers do you have?

At the moment, in SpdLoad, there are more than 50 developers and 20+ non-development specialists: designers, sales, marketing, HR, recruiters, and management.

What is the potential for updates?

There is no strict answer, but in general, the answer is that it depends on the product and how you approach marketing and customer development. If you know how to attract users and are ready to listen to them and analyze what insights they could share, there will always be work for updates.

Will you have a specific point of contact?

Yes, but on different stages, it could be different people. Initially, you’ll talk to our sales representatives: Andrew or Max. Once the project is started, you’ll talk to your project manager: Olga or Kate. But for sure, you’re able to contact anyone at any time.

How are intellectual property rights handled?

We always sign all necessary documents to ensure you’re the only owner of all IPs.