We are your technical angels who produce web and mobile

application that customers and investors love.

SpdLoad is a company that has been actively supporting startups and SME’s since 2013.

We are the only company that forms offers taking into account the result that the client wants to receive and ensure it.

Have you decided to digitalize the business? - this is the first step. Go down the map and go to the second one. We’ll take care of the next steps!

You come to us with a need

All we need from you is to leave a request here

You come to us with a need
You come to us with a need

Everything else is our task

We see what you have now and take care to do it better than your competitors

In order not to spend a lot of your money, we will develop a prototype

We will show it to your target audience and determine the best functionality that they will aspire to buy.

You come to us with a need
You come to us with a need

You will need quality documentation.

And of course easy-to-use and cool design.

In 3 months and agreed budget you will get the MVP and earn you first money

Launch your rocket right now

You come to us with a need

Found you?

Are you looking for quick scale up of team?

Strengthen your team in 2-3 weeks

Do you have issues with data security?

Safety space for sensitive data to GDPR rules

Are facing with financial risks?

Spend on development from 15 till 35 Euro per hour

Do you have enough expertise?

Focus on nishes, business needs and solutions

Сontractual obligations to the employees?

Flexible duration, depend on demand

Are you worry about understanding?

We speak fluently in English and German

Do you want to avoid back office management?

HR, taxes, awesome office, management, equipment

What customers say about us

Johannes,Blue Academy


Any questions?

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