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We help businesses and startups to reveal their full potential with the power of IT solution

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High tech business development
Startup help
E-commerce website development
B2B website & application development
Business Analysis

We offer consulting services on developing optimal budget-oriented project solutions. We help our clients through science task analysis, its relevance, create the variety solutions and after that present the most suitable solution.

Project Management

We use the most suitable task-tracking and time-tracking tools. We are dealing with Scrum, Kanban, Agile techniques. In such a way, you are free to work with the remote team as with in-da-house one.


Our design team performs your idea starting from the scratch up to modern design conception. We are working on Mobile Apps, Graphical User Interface for Software, UX/UI for web application strategies.


Our team handles the development of both frontend and backend services using PHP with frontend frameworks. Also, we use C++ and Python for soft application development process. If we deal with mathematical tasks, we use Matlab services.


All of our products and services are tested and go through debugging procedure. According to the project type we initiate manual or automated testing. In such a way, we ensure you in the quality of the product you get.

Business cases
Music Data Analytics Company

SpdLoad responds quickly to issues and sticks to the deadlines. The project isn’t complete yet but has already attracted customers based solely on its design. Taking into account the distance and language barrier, their team communicates often through various applications.

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They have successfully contributed to numerous projects, maintaining a solid workflow. The team's notable strengths include quality PHP development, responsive communication, and reasonable costs.

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Impacto Group LLC

Since we began working with SpdLoad, the site is always working, and if I need something ... there is always someone taking care of us.

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The Clever Minds, LLC

The SpdLoad team is made up of very creative and easygoing people. I was also amazed at the speed with which they finished the project.

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Ukrainian Law Firm

Responsiveness was better with SpdLoad than with other similar firms that I've dealt with. SpdLoad also worked 30-40% faster than other vendors.

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Gal Or X-Ray Institute LTD

SpdLoad has a very diversified and skilled team that covered every need that I had in terms of technology and project management.

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I can call them anytime I have an issue and receive a quick response

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The site has received positive feedback for its simple and intuitive UI, and beta testing yielded few issues. SpdLoad’s enthusiasm for the project stands out, along with their technical expertise, streamlined communication, and customer focus. These qualities have contributed to superior results.

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SpdLoad's team has a positive attitude that takes the job headfirst regardless of difficulty. Their work has increased conversion rates by 60 – 70%. Overall, they’re easy to reach, communicate well, and follow all requirements closely.

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Max CEO, Founder

5 years in sales and 4 years in business development

Alexey CTO

Ph.D in Physic. 25-year experience in SoftWare

Slava Head of Web Department

Senior Architect in PHP

Nik Head of Sales

Marketing specialist, sales strategy of company

Daniel Business Analyst

6-year experience in Business Analysys

Alik Lead of Mobile department

10 years experience in PHP

Anatoliy Tech leader of backend

12-year experience, architecture solution

Antonyna Lead of AI department

Senior Python Developer 12 years experience in Artificial Intelligence

Vitaly Tech leader of front-end

React/Redux developer

Kate Head of QA department


CEO, Founder


5 years in sales and 4 years in business development



Ph.D in Physic. 25-year experience in SoftWare

Head of Web Department


Senior Architect in PHP

Head of Sales


Marketing specialist, sales strategy of company

Business Analyst


6-year experience in Business Analysys

Lead of Mobile department


10 years experience in PHP

Tech leader of backend


12-year experience, architecture solution

Lead of AI department


Senior Python Developer 12 years experience in Artificial Intelligence

Tech leader of front-end


React/Redux developer

Head of QA department



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