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is a  recruitment platform designed to find talent for bars, restaurants, and hotels in London

  • UK

    Client Location

  • 9 months

    Project Duration

  • 12 specialists


Our Client is Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition

This company has invented a revolutionary approach to finding talent through video, which allows you to express your true self when looking for a job, saving you time and money.

Modernizing Talent Acquisition with Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Challenge 1. Outdated Technology and User Experience

    Gigl had an existing web application that had been developed 10 years ago. As technology advanced, the user experience became outdated, necessitating a complete redesign and rewrite using modern technologies

  • Challenge 2. Creating an Engaging and Functional Platform

    The new platform needed to incorporate entertainment features similar to TikTok, making the job search process engaging while ensuring functionality for both employers and candidates.

Innovative Solutions for a Modern Talent Platform

  • Solution 1. Complete Redesign and Rewrite

    We redesigned and rewrote the Gigl application from scratch, using modern technologies to enhance the user experience and functionality.

  • Solution 2. Integration of Video Features

    We integrated features such as TikTok-style videos, allowing candidates and employers to create and share engaging content about themselves and their job openings.

  • Solution 3. User-Centric Functionality

    The platform was developed to cater to both employers and candidates, providing comprehensive features for job posting, applications, and communication.

Meet Our Client: Transforming Talent Acquisition in London

Dan Hudson


Dan Hudson, the CEO of Gigl, is a successful entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in recruiting and investment. With over 20,000 users in business, Dan is committed to changing the future of work and scaling Gigl to new heights.

The recruitment app offers a unique approach to talent acquisition with the following functionalities:

The functionality of the app includes some entertainment features, such as TikTok videos about the candidate, TikTok videos about the company and the job, as well as answers to questions in the format of a short video.

Delivering a Comprehensive and Customized Talent Platform

  • Modern Technology Stack

    We utilized Nest.js, GraphQL, Hasura, React Native, TypeORM, YugabyteDB, Kubernetes, Pulumi, Google Cloud, Firebase, and Terraform to build a robust and scalable platform.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Redesigned the application to provide an engaging and user-friendly experience for both employers and candidates.

  • Video Integration

    Incorporated TikTok-style video features to make the job search and recruitment process more interactive and engaging.

Leveraging Advanced Technologies

  • Nest.JS

  • GraphQL

  • Hasura

  • React Native

  • TypeORM

  • YugabyteDB

  • Kubernetes

  • Pulumi

  • Google Cloud

  • FireBase

  • Terraform

Collaboration Result: Achieving a Modern Talent Acquisition Solution

Throughout our collaboration, we successfully developed the recruitment application from scratch, using modern technologies to create a platform that meets the needs of both employers and candidates. 

The application allows for seamless communication, video uploads, and much more, effectively revolutionizing the talent acquisition process for bars, restaurants, and hotels in London. The new talent acquisition platform provides an engaging, efficient, and user-friendly experience, helping employers and job seekers connect in innovative ways.

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