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How Long Does it Take to Build an App?

What do you do when you need an app? You just go to the respective application market and download it. Easy, right?  But have you ever imagined how long does it take to build an app? Difficult to comprehend? We agree! There are many aspects that affect the…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 23, 2021 16:24

The Development of Application for On-Demand Delivery: Reasons, Process, Costs [for Founders]

Are you a beginner in the startup world looking to build an on-demand delivery app? Do not worry! We are here with an in-depth starter guide designed for non-tech startup founders. If you wish to build this kind of app, you know what the on-demand economy is and…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 22, 2021 18:06

Web App Ideas That Will Inspire You in 2021

The Progressive Web Application (PWA) market size is expected to touch $10.44 billion by the year 2027 at a CAGR of 13.4%. This statistic clearly indicates a brighter future for web applications. Forbes and YouTube Music are examples of some great web applications. They are popular because they…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 21, 2021 16:00
Guest post

How to Build a Sales Team for Your Startup

Getting your startup off the ground is an exciting experience. Between launching your product, getting your branding ironed out, and seeing your product out in the world for the first time, few things are more rewarding. But for your business to succeed, you’ll need someone to buy your…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 19, 2021 09:24
Guest post

Why Is User Experience a More Important Ranking Factor Than You Think

Google is always looking for ways to add more value to the end-user. It’s why it created its ranking factors: So that the most valuable content is always at the top of the search results. And to get to the top of the search results, we all need…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 05, 2021 13:01
Guest post

4 Tech Trends That Will Influence Remote Work in 2021

In 2018, the World Economic Forum predicted that by 2022, companies will decentralize operations, hire more contractors for specialized roles, and employ remote teams.  Then, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. This forced companies to adapt to the new reality of remote work a full two years earlier than they…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 02, 2021 12:41
Guest post

5 Ways the Right Domain Name and Web Design can Boost Your Online Presence

In the digital world where every brand needs to have an online presence in order to maximize its marketing, sales, and growth potential, you can’t afford to fall behind. Modern customers are constantly searching the web for amazing brands, products, and services, and even if you own a…

Max Babych by Max Babych June 22, 2021 16:53
DevelopmentWeb app

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Web App?[Actionable Edition]

Almost all of us have used Google Docs, Amazon, and Facebook, right! But only a few of us know that these are web apps, not websites. Yes, you heard that right! Today, the trend of these web apps is more than a website. As per PRNewswire, the web…

Max Babych by Max Babych June 09, 2021 17:06

Choosing a Web Development Company: The Welcome Guide

You are planning to move your physical business online. But like most people, you don’t know where to start from? Well, we understand that and have got you covered. More than 23 million website developers work worldwide. This figure is expected to touch 27.7 million by the year…

Max Babych by Max Babych June 08, 2021 12:08