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Top 25 Best EdTech Companies & Startups to learn from in 2021

Education has been the most highly affected industry by COVID-19. Workplaces continue to operate remotely, businesses operate online, and the healthcare sector is working the same as before. But, educational institutes are one of the highly affected organizations.  Lockdowns and closure of schools worldwide have given rise to…

Max Babych by Max Babych August 30, 2021 20:16

Top 26 Innovative Startups To Learn From in 2021

In simple words, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is a business model to sell software on a subscription basis. Netflix, Canva, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Office 365 are all examples of this model. In most cases, the software is hosted at a central server, and users access them via their…

Max Babych by Max Babych August 30, 2021 12:14

20 Fast Growing Startups in Healthcare to Watch in 2021

According to a report published in 2019 by Deloitte, the healthcare industry will grow to over $280 Billion. And, in the US alone, the medical devices market will grow to a whopping 208 billion US dollars! The growth in the healthcare industry is not slowing down soon. So,…

Max Babych by Max Babych August 28, 2021 12:40

Top12 Breakthrough Ideas for Healthcare Apps in 2021

Medical apps are becoming very common with each passing day. After the advent of this pandemic, everyone is now worried about their health. People want to know about their present health condition.  The medical app provides a way to measure one’s health reliably. In this guide, we will…

Max Babych by Max Babych August 27, 2021 13:56

Best 20 Healthcare Startups in Los Angeles in 2021

Healthcare is by far the most important industry in any economy. It’s the industry that affects the lives of all people. And, this pandemic has only increased its importance. The decision-makers are taking healthcare seriously as never before.  In the US alone, healthcare spending amounted to 3.4 Trillion…

Max Babych by Max Babych August 26, 2021 18:39

Best 10 Healthcare Startups San Francisco worth watching in 2021

San Francisco, California is home to Silicon Valley - known for its startup ecosystem. It is a place where companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon were born. Whenever entrepreneurship will be in the discussion, Silicon Valley will be on top of the list.  Known for its…

Max Babych by Max Babych August 25, 2021 17:47
Startup tips

How to Start a Mobile App Startup? The 3 Stages You Must Go Through

Do you often look up to other thriving startups and wonder how to start up your own app? The mobile app market is increasing, and both investors/entrepreneurs are pouring in more cash but creating a mobile app startup has a significant risk. According to data from CB Insights,…

Max Babych by Max Babych August 13, 2021 15:59
Guest post

Top 7 SaaS Trends to Look Out For in 2021

What is SaaS? Why is it everywhere you look these days? Well, you’re not the only one wondering. SaaS or Software as a Service is a new model of business within the tech industry and in recent years, it has positively exploded! SaaS leverages cloud computing to provide…

Max Babych by Max Babych August 06, 2021 11:09
Guest post

How to Leverage Influencer Marketing for your Startup

If your startup does not have a sensible and robust marketing strategy, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Image branding, reaching out while attempting to speak your audience’s language, selecting the right marketing platform for your products/services, and finalizing only the optimum marketing strategies, can undoubtedly be a…

Max Babych by Max Babych August 06, 2021 10:53