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Case Studies

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CRM Pet Care

Dog Walking App

Dogiz is a service marketplace for dog walkers. Use platform to find or become a dog walker in minutes

Complex chat | Advanced calendar
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Mental Health EHR

MedPortal is a healthcare software to help doctors track status of mental health of patients

HIPAA compliance | Advanced charts
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Event Ticketing Platform

Eventnoire is a platform to connect event hosts and guests. Using this platform, you could easily organize event or buy a ticket to interesting event

Complex event constructor | PayPal & Stripe Integrations
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HR Management Platform

Blue Academy is a solution focuses on improvement HR management in enterprise companies

Integration in a custom enterprise CRM
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Event Ticketing Platform

Funlocka is a mobile app for buying tickets. This app aims to make the purchase easy for events, that make an ideal match for the user

Development of user-friendly interface
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Chat Widget for e-Commerce

Connexzion is a chat solution to significantly boost conversion rates of your e-commerce

End-to-end analytics | Messengers integration
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Music Prediction App

Noticesound is an AI solution to predict how successful user's music would become.

AI algorithm | Music streaming
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Dating app

SwiDate is a mobile dating app, that combine best UX practices.

Matching algorithm | Geolocation integration
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Taxi app

Click To Ride is a taxi app concept. Check out how would we upgrade the user experience in a custom app like Uber.

Geolocation | Advanced UX
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AI Startup Prediction Platform

Incumato is an AI-based service for investors to evaluate viability of startups. Use 2-click integration on your site to evaluate success rate of startups.

AI evaluation | Widget integration
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Medical Appointments App

MedCabinet is a medical appointment app. It helps to schedule a visit to doctor in two clicks and avoid long-run queues.

Advanced calendar | Tech stack update
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Telemedicine App

DocKids is a design concept of a complex telemedicine app. It includes web and mobile platforms for both doctors and patients.

Video Streaming | 3rd party integrations
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Live Video Streaming App for Security Cameras

VideoNext is a famous desktop product for video streaming in security niche. Our team helped to create both web and mobile apps.

Custom Backend Integrations | Frontend Challenges
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QR Code Payment App

Smartpolka is a low cost alternative to Amazon Go. This product is built around the technology of instant payments using QR codes.

Custom Payment Module | Custom QR Scanner | Advanced UX
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Fitness Platform

GetReinvented is an online fitness platform, with deep gamified experience, video on-demand and complex marketing automation.

Video On-Demand | Advanced UX
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Wishlist App

MyWishApp is an app to change the way people make presents and interact with retailers.

Custom sharing module | Sync with contact list | Advanced push notifications
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EHR for Dental Hospital

Gal Or X-Ray is a EHR and CRM system for a small size network of dental hospitals.

Complex Project Discovery | RTL Design
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Redesign of SpdLoad website

In this case study we'd like to share how we worked on website redesign project of SpdLoad.

Research | UX Design | UI Design
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Marketing of SpdLoad: A Case Study

In this case study we'd like to share how we launched and scaled marketing of SpdLoad.

Content marketing | SEO
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GetCangelo is a mobile eLearning app designed to streamline knowledge exchange between students and tutors in a user-friendly way.

Custom chat | Advanced UX
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Brandly is an example of a landing page design we've done for a MarTech startup.

Complex Animation
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QLoop is a custom accounting system for a real estate agency.

Integration of OCR module | 3rd party services
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PCS is a service marketplace to match seekers and consultants.

Matching Algorithm | Complex Integrations
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